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By on 21/09/2009 in News, Rebuttals

In today’s Birmingham Post there is an article about hard copies of agendas no longer being distributed at council meetings.
The story correctly points out that the decision has been taken as part of the council’s wider effort to make efficiency savings – which are vital in the current tough economic climate.
However, the story does not point out three key facts:
1. Papers can still be accessed by the public online or in person at the council house, libraries, or in the case of Constituency/Ward papers at Neighbourhood Offices.
2. The exisiting distribution list for council papers has not been cut. Everyone that used to receive copies of agenda papers still continues to under the new arrangements.
3. Paper copies of agendas made available for the public were often never used or needed at committee meetings, and the decision to discountinue their availablity “on the day” took such matters into consideration.

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  1. paul dale says:

    This is such a pathetic attempt at rebuttal, it hardly deserves comment.
    But, having cttee papers available on-line and in libraries is a fat lot of good for someone who turns up at a meeting without any papers.
    The Local Government Act 2000 places a responsibility on councils to provide agendas and reports for members of the public. Birmingham is not acting within the spirit of the law.