Agile working case study – Gurpal Singh

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Gurpal Singh, a Social Worker for Children, Young People and Families, tells us what it is like to work at 1 Lancaster Circus following the city council building’s recently-completed revamp…

What were your biggest fears about moving to your new workplace?
I didn't worry too much about the move, due to being well-informed of how it would take place. However, I did have concerns about car parking and how that would work.

How did you overcome those fears?Gurpal Singh at work
We have worked together as a team to decide how to make the best use of the four allocated car parking passes. There are eight people in our team so we have doubled up into pairs and share a pass between us. This has worked out well. We find ourselves planning our days better.

How did you find preparations for the move?
They were good. We were given a lot of useful briefings on what was going to happen and how. I think that the administration team did a great job in familiarising our team with the new building so we had a chance to see it before we moved here.

Did the move bring out the team spirit?
I think the move did bring out team spirit. We all worked together to make the move a successful one.

What were the biggest challenges during the move process?
I think the biggest challenge was how we would become accustomed to the new administration facilities i.e. the photocopiers.

Did you receive any information on Health and Safety policies - if yes what was the information?
We received a lot of information about Health and Safety procedures e.g. location of fire escapes etc. In addition to this we have had fire drills at 1 Lancaster Circus so we know where to assemble in the event of a fire.
What do you think about your new workplace?
I think aesthetically it is very nice and the actual building is great.

Are there any facilities that have helped you carry out your job role?
Having my laptop has helped me carry out my job role. Now I can work in any location where there is a Wi-Fi connection. I can also work from home, something which I regularly do.

Please describe your average day
I get into work for about 9am. I log on and check my emails and messages and respond to them. At 11am I look at the reports I need to write up and in the afternoon I try and do my visits as this coincides with the time that children get home from school. This takes me through to the end of the day. I then log-on at home and write up what I have done until 6pm or 7pm where I shutdown for the day.

If I am in court I am usually there for the entire day. I tend to arrive there for 9am and I take my laptop along with me. This means I can work during long periods of waiting time i.e. when the judge adjourns to read through documents etc.

Have you found you have gained any benefits from adopting Agile Working?
Through adopting agile working I think that our team is a more productive one. We plan our visits and meetings more efficiently which saves a lot of travelling time. Having a laptop has enabled me to work from anywhere with access to Wi-Fi. Previously I would have had to return to the office after a long day out at meetings or attending court to type up reports or documentation. Now I can do this from home by uploading my work to Care First 6 to enable our team managers to have quick access to the information.

Do you feel that your productivity has increased?
I think that productivity has improved which is great for the department. I think that having our own laptops has led to this increased productivity.

If you could provide one sentence that sums up Agile Working for you what would it be?
'Agile working gives you the flexibility to work how you want to.'


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