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Debra Davis, Director of Public Affairs and Communicaitons, on a new campaign launched by the  council to lead the city’s post recession recovery:

 If we are to believe all we read in the media then the worst of the recession  is apparently over, and although it will be a long process we are now embarking on the 'road to recovery'

From individual citizens and workers up to Birmingham's biggest businesses, we at the Council clearly have a very important role to play in both helping people cope with the impact of the recession and also helping them to prosper as the economy turns.

To do this effectively we have launched our new ‘Backing Birmingham’ campaign, which aims to raise awareness among residents, workers and businesses of the extensive range of advice and assistance we have available to help them.

Online we have launched - a site which not only gives information about the help we can offer but also provides useful information on, and links to, many other organisations.

Next week we will also be issuing two brand new, free, fact-packed guides - for both residents and businesses. These will be brimming with useful content, as well as web links and phone numbers.

Even before these leaflets have 'hit the street' we have already started to roll out the 'Backing Birmingham' brand, one which we hope will become instantly recognisable to you in coming months.

Visually represented as an ink print, similar to a traditional library stamp, the 'Backing Birmingham' logo will be available to be used on material produced by the Council and its partners to publicise any projects which will help people and businesses make their lives better during the recovery.

The idea of a 'stamp of approval' will let people know that this information has the approval of the council and other organisations who are trying to help.

The campaign will both reinforce existing campaigns - for example, how the Library of Birmingham or New Street Station Gateway projects are benefiting the economy- and underpin new and vital targeted campaigns, such as the recently launched Employment Connections Into Work.

Collectively, we can make a huge difference to the lives of Birmingham people - and we are doing!

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