Beautiful South fan has to keep it all in

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A mother who continued to torment her neighbours by playing the Beautiful South and Alanis Morissette repeatedly at full volume from 1am until 5am, despite having her stereo equipment seized on two separate occasions, has today been sentenced.

Chantelle Whelan (33) of Twickenham Road, Kingstanding, Birmingham, was found guilty of one offence of failing to comply with an Abatement Notice in respect of the use of sound equipment which was causing a noise nuisance at Birmingham Magistrates Court.

She received a fine of £1,146, and a forfeiture order of 1 Ministry of Sound CD player, 2 Ministry of Sound speakers and 228 CDs was also granted. 

After neighbours complained to Environmental Health Officers at Birmingham City Council that they were unable to sleep because the music blaring from Ms Whelan's house was so loud; Officers used noise monitoring equipment and found that the volume was so loud that the neighbours could clearly hear the lyrics to songs.

Ms Whelan frequently held parties where attendees were heard shouting and singing along to songs. She ignored repeated warnings from Birmingham City Council, and Officers executed a warrant on two separate occasions to enter the house, and confiscated a stereo, a television with subwoofer speakers and hundreds of CDs.

Ms Whelan continued to acquire equipment, her original equipment has remained in the possession of the council.

Councillor Neil Eustace, Chair of the Public Protection Committee at Birmingham City Council said:

“A Brummie's home is his castle, not a nightclub. This type of selfish behaviour creates awful amounts of stress and makes people dread going to sleep, which obviously affects their mental and physical well being.

“Hearing the same songs over and over must be torture. I am pleased that the court has taken this matter seriously. Perhaps now Ms Whelan will learn to, in the words of the Beautiful South, keep it all in.”


For more information please contact Hayley Meachin on 0121 303 1271/ 07920 750007

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  1. Andrew says:

    This is great to hear. Some people can be so immature and inconciderate when it comes to noise and this its their right to play loud music at home. Having a similar it of trouble with my new neighbours who keep having parties at all hours… and all days of the week and it really does wear you down! Glad to hear the council taking this seriously in the last few years as in the past thet have lacked the powers to do anything helpful.