Birmingham City Council PFI contracts

By on 03/03/2011 in FOI/Data
  1. How many, if any, Pfi schemes does the authority have – and what are they?
    Birmingham has PFI contracts in 2 areas, Highways and Schools; there are 3 contracts related to schools and 1 for Highways
    PPP1 – Schools PFI  (10 School Rebuilds/Major Refurbishments) Contract signed February 2000
    PPP2 – Schools PFI  (11 School Rebuilds) Contract signed March 2006
    BSF PFI Schools (2 New Schools including 1 co-location of a Primary & Special with Secondary) Contract signed August 2009
    Birmingham HMMPFI  (all of Birmingham Highway Network) Contract signed May 2010
  2. For each scheme, how much is the authority paying in total over the life of the Pfi deal?
    PPP1 – £270m (30years).
    PPP2 – £319.8m (25 years).
    BSF PFI – £196.0m (25 years).
    HMMPFI – £2.6bn (25 years).The payment  values above are cash (ie they assume inflation for the contract duration.
  3. Has the authority started to re-negotiate any of those deals? If so – how many?
    No, Birmingham has not started to re-negotiate any of these PFI contract but is reviewing all areas of expenditure as part of its budget process and looking for value for money in all contracts.

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