Birmingham firms urged to stagger rush hour

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With more snow forecast for later this afternoon, Birmingham City Council's Cabinet Member for Transportation and Street Services, Cllr Len Gregory is urging city centre employers to consider taking a 'sensible' approach, where possible, to release staff early in a bid to avoid potential peak hour problems.

The latest forecasts predict snow flurries from 2pm with a persistent band from 5pm leading to continuous snow throughout the evening.

And, based on those forecasts, Cllr Gregory is encouraging employers to consider a 'staggered' release of staff this afternoon.

He said: “This is not about immediately closing and sending employees home at once, but about taking a sensible approach to ensure we keep the routes into and out of the city centre moving freely.

“According to Met Office forecasts we're expecting heavy snowfall later this afternoon and it makes sense to respond accordingly.

“We want to keep routes out of the city centre moving through peak hours and it makes sense to stagger today's peak hours over a longer period. This should minimise the risk of any major problems for commuters and will hopefully lead to a safe and speedy return home for city centre workers.”

Gritting of all priority routes continues - click on the link below for the latest gritting update.

Winter maintenance and gritting plans –

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Protocol on School Closures:

Weather Updates


Met Office:

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  1. Bluetaz says:

    How interesting that Cllr Gregory should suggest that employers within the city send their staff home early due to the current inclement weather.

    This advice comes just a few minutes after the Council informed UNISON (the Trade Union representing Council employees) that “the decision has been taken not to declare today as an inclement weather day”. Council staff will not, therefore, be released early, in order to help alleviate any possible problems.