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With students collecting results across the city, we'll keep you up-to-date with all the news.

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  • The top eight performing boys at Kings Norton Boys School achieved 72 A* or A grades between them. 
    Notable performers:
    Lew Hitchen:               8 x A* and 6 x A grades
    Edward Swales          2 x A* and 8 x A grades
    Joseph Murphy         1 x A* and 9 x A grades
  • Stockland Green Technology College recorded its best ever results for English and Maths.
    Notable performers:
    Both Jenny Cleaver and Atikah Ahmed each achieved 12 grades A*to B at GCSE or equivalent.
  • Best ever results for Waverley School, including:
    89% pass rate at A level for year 11 taking a levels early
    40% of students achieved 10 or more GCSE passes at a-c
    9 students gained 13 or more c or above passes
    74% of students gained GCSES including 2 sciences
  • At Hillcrest School almost half of the Year group achieved 10 or more GCSE's Grades A*-C
    Notable performers:
    Jieun Park - 14 GCSE's  all at A* plus AS Level Japanese Grade B
    Danielle Lezama - 14 GCSE's A*-C including 13 at A*/A Grades
    Sophie Cohen - 16 GCSE's A* – C including 12 at A*/A Grades
    Mehmoona Tahir - 17 GCSE's A*-C including 12 at A*/A Grades
    Ipaishe Kalonga 15 GCSE's A*-C including 10 at A*/A Grades
    Eisa Velicaria - 15 GCSE's A*-C including 10 at A*/A Grades
  • Sutton Coldfield Grammar School for Girls achieved a 100% success rate with all 151 pupils collecting 5 or more A*-C grades including GCSE English and maths.
  • At Cardinal Wiseman Catholic Technology College 8 pupils gained 10 grades Cs or above. Notable performer:
    Thomas Morahan was one of these achieving 3 A*s and 4 A grades.
    Headteacher, Martin Jones said: “Our Level 2 results in which an incredible 65% of our pupils gained 5 Grade Cs or higher exceed even last year's results which themselves were our best ever. The percentage of pupils achieving 5 or more A*-C grades including English and Maths, 43%, is the same figure as achieved last year. This remarkable performance is a tribute to the hard work of our pupils and the dedication of the staff who taught them. Staff and pupils were both determined to improve even further on last year's record breaking performance which is precisely what they have done. Congratulations to all our pupils and of course to their teachers.”
  • At King Edward VI Camp Hill School for Boys two school records were broken with 53% of all passes being at A* grades and 85% at A*/A grades.
    48 students gained straight A*/A grades.
    Notable performers:
    Seven students achieved A* grades in all 11 subjects taken: John Eraifeg, Keshav Gupta, Andrew Jeskins, Veer Mann, Joshua Tibbetts, Serge Wicker,  Joseph Yate.
    students achieved 11 A* and 1A grade: Tony Song, Timothy Shao AND Gary Zhang.
  • At St Paul’s School for Girls, Myrice Palor achieved 11 a*-a grades 0f which 9 were A* and 2 distinctions
    Lauren Canavan, Rachel Gallagher, Jasmine Nelson, Maryam Seleshe, Katie Hanlon all 10 A*-A grades
  • Frankley Community High School
    Notable performers
    Paige Moorhouse 4 A* 1½ A 4 B and 3 C grades 
    Mariam Begum Allison 6 A* 1½ A 2 B and 3 C grades
    Ayomide Olaoye 4½ A* 2 A 3 B and 4 C grades
    Thomas Large 4 A* 6 B and 1 C grades
    Bradley Laws 6½ A 2 B and 4½ C grades
    Bhapinder Ballagun 6 A 1 B and 5½ C grades
  • 98.37% of Bishop Vesey's Grammar School pupils achieved 5 or more A*-C grades including GCSE English and maths.
    Eleven of candidates achieved 8 A* or better
    65% of candidates achieved 5 A* – A grades
  • Plantsbrook School
    Notable performers:
    Tom Dyson : 9A*,4A
    Ella Marshall : 6A*, 4A
    Josh Kemp : 6A*, 5A
    Jodie Hoffman : 4A*, 6A
  • At Hamstead Hall 100% of pupils achieved at least 1 GCSE pass.
    Over 60% of students achieved 5 or more A*-C grades including English and Maths yet again.
    Over 12% of pupils achieved 5 or more A/A* grades which is up from 2007
  • Colmers School
    Notable performers:
    Christopher Wilson achieved 13 ½ GCSEs A* – C
    Charlotte Heskey achieved 14 ½ GCSEs A*-C
    Lewis Clark achieved 10½ GCSEs against great personal odds, far above expectations
  • Great Barr School
    Notable performers:
    Tom Mahon 5xA* and 5.5xA
    Hannah Westwood 4xA* and 4.5xA
    Vijay Chauhan 3xA* and 6xA
    Zeena Salhan 3xA* and 3.5xA
  • Hall Green
    Jonathan Hill 5xA* and 4xA
    Sophie Adderley 3xA* and 4xA
    Frances Teall 1xA* and 7xA
  • John Willmott
    Notable performers:
    Winola Chio 9A*  1A
    Chelsea Davis 8A*  1A
    Alison Worsley 6A*  3A
    Reece Hopkins 1A*  10A
    Melissa Huxley 3A*  6A
    Joe McHugh 2A*  8A
    Sophie Clayton 1A*  8A
  • Arthur Terry School
    Notable performers:
    Alan Muhyaldeen 8A*  1A
    Rachel Cichosz  8A*  1A 
    Christopher Richards 6A*  5A
    Leanne Salt 6A*  3A
    Kate Crowe 7A*  3A
    Sophie McCarty 7A*  2A
    Michael Hogg 5A*  5A
    Bethany O'Neill 5A*  5A
    Rebecca Downing 5A*  6A
    Kathryn Howard  4A*  5A
  • Hodge Hill Sports and Enterprise College
    87 pupils achieved 10 or more A* to C grades.
    Notable performers:
    Rochelle Barrett achieved 16 A* to C grades.
    Limara Dearn 15 A* to C of which 11 were A/A*
    Matthew Smith 15 A* to C of which 10 were A/A*
    Bilal khan 14 A* to C of which 10 were A/A*
  • Aston Manor  School
    Notable performers
    Hassan Hafiz  12 GCSE,  6A*,  5A
    Gloria Nikobari 12 GCSE,  3A*,  9A
    Matthew Richards 10 GCSE,   3A*  6A
    Rashma Begum  11 GCSE,  4A*,   5A
  • Perry Beeches School
    Best results ever. 
    5A*-C (EM)  up from 51% last year to 64%.   
    5A*-C  up from 77% to 92% this year.
    Notable performers:
    Ashani Benjamin    5A*  5A   3B
    Onyx Peynado 3A* 9A 2B
    Meagan Earl  5A* 4A 2B
  • Yardleys School
    Increase in number of students gaining 5+A*-C from 67% to 85%
    Increase in number of students gaining 5+A*-C inc Eng & Maths from 37% to 44%
    Science results raised to 62% of students attaining 2A* – Cs
    19% of students attaining 3+A*or A grades
    95 % of students attaining 5+ A*-G grades
    99.4% of students attained 1+ A*-G grades
    A number of outstanding individual student performances getting multiple A* or A grades
  • Shenley Court
    Notable performers:
    Richard Ababob 12 A*-C
    Luke Bowen 12.5 A*-C
    Lilian Chuchu 12.5 A*-C
    Rhiannon Harris 12 A*-C
    Samie Mansoor 12 A*-C
    Jason Woodus 12 A*-C

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  1. Lew Hitchen says:

    It’s a shame that this website is talking about academic excellence when it can’t even spell my name right!

    • geoffc says:

      Sorry Lew

      All information was supplied by your school.

      Correction now made.

      And a belated congratulations on excellent results!

  2. Lew Hitchen says:

    Thank you!
    Kings Norton Boys’ is not a good school so it’s understandable that they would make a mistake.

  3. MJ says:

    some students have done so well in State schools..
    Girls in Hillcrest have done really well.. :)