Brum pupils given graffiti lessons

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A pack for teachers to educate pupils on the hidden cost of graffiti is being distributed to all schools in Birmingham by the city's Anti-Graffiti Unit.

“The Art of Preventing Graffiti” teaching pack aims to reduce the amount of graffiti in Birmingham, which currently costs taxpayers over £1million per year, as well as causing residents to feel unsafe.

The lesson plans also aim to raise awareness amongst the city's young people as to how being caught by the police if they engage in illegal graffiti can negatively affect their lives by leaving them with a criminal record.

The pack contains activities and a DVD which will enable children and young people to understand the negative impact graffiti can have on communities, as well as encouraging them to express their own talents in positive and legal ways.

Councillor Neil Eustace, Chair of the Public Protection Committee, comments:

“There can be any number of reasons why young people gravitate towards graffiti, for example, wanting to feel important by people seeing their name, or perceiving it to be 'cool'. However, spraying graffiti on public property is illegal, and young people need to appreciate that a record for criminal damage is likely to restrict their future work and travel prospects. America in particular takes a dim view of letting anyone with a criminal record in.

Graffiti is not a victimless crime, it is often accompanied by high levels of litter and anti-social behaviour, and residents feel that their community is uncared for and unsafe. We want to educate our young people to use their energies in ways which will have positive outcomes for themselves and their local community”.

Any school or community organisation who would like to request teaching packs, should contact


For more information please contact Hayley Meachin on 0121 303 1271/ 07920 750007

Notes for Editors

Birmingham's Anti-Graffiti Strategy has 4 key strands:

Removal – remove graffiti quickly and effectively
Intelligence – collect intelligence and identify culprits
Enforcement – enforce the law and take action to deal with offenders
Prevention – prevent young people from committing graffiti offences in the first place

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