Cabinet meeting from 1.30pm

Webcast screengrab

Click on the link below for the Cabinet meeting from 1.30pm

Our meeting archive can now be found here:

Following a successful year-long trial streaming Full Council meetings, we're now working in partnership with Public-i to broadcast a range of meetings from the Council House.

As ever, please use the hashtag #bcclive if you're tweeting about today's meeting.

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  1. martin price says:

    I hope our councillors take a stand and say no birmingham tennant will be evicted if they cannot pay this disgusting and discriminating bedroom tax at this meeting,its now time to stand up for what is right and help the people most effected.I am one of the people going to be put into arrears by this unfair tax,I am currently of work due to illness and my wekly allowance of the work and pensions is £111.00 per week, out of this I have £60.00 for food and clothing,£30.00 for gas and electric £10.00 for water rates and £7.80 for hospital bus fares and other bills to pay for. Now out of £110.00 you expect me to pay £26.00 for the bedroom tax that leaves me £85.00 to live on per week,that is totally impossible. Its time for you to stand up against this goverment and truly represent the people of Birmingham and kick this tax into touch.If you do this I’m sure other councills will follow,if you do nothing then be prepared for civil unrest on a nation wide scale. I hope you do the right thing