Car club scheme gives city ‘green’ boost

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City Car Club is set to start work with Birmingham City Council to provide an enhanced service that will help reduce the city's carbon emissions, congestion and parking pressure.

City Car Club has been operating a successful car club in Birmingham since 2008, with many residents and businesses already signed up to use the service. The operator has now been named as the cities official car club partner for the use of designated on-street parking bays after successfully completing a competitive process.

Until now, Birmingham City Car Club has been a relatively small scale operation, but thanks to this new partnership with the City Council, who have agreed to provide an initial supply of on-street parking bays, the club is hoping to grow significantly over the coming months and years

City Car Club is the UK's leading pay-as-you-go car club with over 500 self-service cars and in some locations vans, located across 14 cities nationwide. Conveniently located in designated parking bays, the cars and vans can be booked by the hour, day or as long as needed in advance, or at the last minute. Insurance, road tax, repairs, cleaning and fuel are all taken care of so all members need to worry about is enjoying their journey.

 Independent research by Carplus, the national charity promoting responsible car use, shows that on average, each City Car replaces 25 privately owned cars and that members generally cut down on unnecessary car journeys by 35% after they join.

 The new bays, the first of which is due to launch shortly at Warstone Lane in the Jewellery Quarter, mean that more and more people will be able to benefit from the convenience of having a self-service, pay-as-you-go vehicle located just around the corner from where they live and work.

 Car club membership appeals to both individuals and businesses alike. Many members join as a cost effective alternative to car ownership enabling them to pay for a car only when they need one, without paying for it when they don't. Equally, more and more businesses are saving money by choosing car club membership over managing pool cars, using taxis, booking traditional hire cars, or reimbursing staff for using their own cars.

 Cllr Timothy Huxtable, Cabinet Member for Transportation, Environment and Regeneration, said: “Car clubs are just one of the range of innovative schemes which are currently being developed in Birmingham, which seek to reduce congestion, help the environment and make transport links within the city more accessible and affordable for all.

 City Car Club Managing Director, James Finlayson, commented: “We're delighted to be expanding the Birmingham City Car Club and have plans to introduce new City Cars and possibly even Vans at various locations over the next few years.  We're confident that we can help improve congestion and reduce co2 emissions in the city, at the same time as offering residents a convenient and cost effective alternative to car ownership.”

 To help promote the new bay launching in the Jewellery Quarter, City Car Club is offering 20 first year memberships half price, plus £25 free drive time. The offer is available on a first-come-first-served basis. All that is required is to quote JEW341 when joining. 

 For more information or to request an interview with City Car Club MD, James Finlayson, or City Car Club Birmingham Manager, Keith Kelly, contact: Laura Coates, City Car Club, on 0113 394 3983 or email

 Notes to Editors:

City Car Club cars and vans are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and can be booked by the hour, day or as long as members want. The vehicles are located in reserved bays and can be booked online or by phone in advance, or at the last minute.

 City Car Club take care of insurance, road tax, servicing, parking permits, fuel and even cleaning, so all members need to worry about is enjoying their journey.

 City Car Club operates a fleet of over 500 cars and vans in 14 cities across the UK (click here to view all locations) and a membership of over 20,000.

Annual membership is just £50 (£25 for partners), and discounts are available for business users. Membership includes: fully comprehensive insurance, access to over 500 cars throughout the UK, 24/7 helpline support and free online booking.

Hourly rental rates start from just £5.20/hr and daily rates start from £42.00 (only £1.75/hr!).

Members who use the cars more regularly can take up the Discount Card option, which at £12.50/month gives a 20% discount on all rental rates.

City Car Club can be considerably cheaper than running a private car for low and medium use. According to the RAC, the average cost of owning a car is £2,417. When you include costs such as insurance, finance and depreciation, this figure rises to £5,869. Car owners typically save over £1,500 per year on joining a car club.

And City Car Club is good for the environment. Independent research by Carplus shows that each City Car replaces 25 privately owned cars on average and generally our members cut down on unnecessary car journeys by 35% after they join.

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