Car- Cruisers in Bordesley are shown red light

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Birmingham City Council has successfully secured an Injunction Order under section 222 of the Government Act 1972, preventing 'boy racers' from 'car-cruising' in the Bordesley area of the city.

The Injunction Order takes effect immediately and applies to anyone participating in a car cruise between 7pm and 7 am on any public access point within the boundaries of Bordesley Green Road, Landor Street, Watery Lane Middleway and the Coventry Road leading into Cattell Road.
Within the defined boundary area, vehicle drivers and/or their passengers are prohibited from causing excessive noise, danger to other road users (including pedestrians), damage or the risk of damage to private property, litter and any other nuisance to another person not participating in the car-cruise.

The Injunction Order was secured following an application made to Birmingham County Court on 10th February 2010. The Injunction application was supported by Birmingham's Anti-Social Behaviour Unit and West Midlands Police, who were eager to bring an end to the months of misery endured by local residents, businesses and other road users.
Vehicle drivers in the area will no longer be permitted to drive at excessive speed, drive in convoy, race other vehicles, perform stunts, sound their horns, play radios, drop litter, shout, swear, abuse, threaten or otherwise intimidate another person.

Any person who breaks the conditions of the order will be served with an Injunction and failure to comply could result in a fine or a prison sentence. 

Cllr Ayoub Khan, Cabinet Member for Community Safety said, “I am delighted with the outcome of this case.  Not only will it improve the safety of other road users in the area, it will also put a stop to the problems experienced by local residents living nearby.  Known offenders will now be punished accordingly if they continue to use the city's streets as a playground, we are now sending them a clear message that anti-social behaviour will not be tolerated in Birmingham”. 


Notes to editors

1.  Safer Birmingham Partnership is a multi-agency partnership that brings together agencies including Birmingham City Council, West Midlands Police, West Midlands Fire Service and others who are all working together for a safer city.

2. S222 Local Government Injunctions. Local authorities can apply to the civil courts for an injunction where the Local Authority considers it expedient to do so for the promotion or protection of the interests of the inhabitants of its area. This can include taking action to stop a public nuisance. Injunctions can prohibit the individual from entering the area where the nuisance has been committed and may also contain other prohibitions designed to restrain the type of anti social behaviour which has caused the public nuisance. Penalty for breach of conditions of an injunction can result in up to two years’ imprisonment and/or a fine for contempt of court.

3. A copy of the full Injunction Order is attached and all media outlets are encouraged to publish the order in full.

Further information from Lindsey Stubbins at Safer Birmingham on 0121 303 2160

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