Cemetery to open new burial plots

By on 20/08/2010 in News

Plans to open two new plots of land at Lodge Hill Cemetery in Weoley have been given the go-ahead by Birmingham City Council, paving the way for an extra 220 burials to take place over the next two years.

Lodge Hill Cemetery was closed to new burials in 1998, with the exception of reopening existing family graves, after it was deemed all suitable land at the site had been fully used up.

However new advances in drainage technology, implemented for the first time at King Norton Cemetery recently, now mean an adjoining plot of land at Lodge Hill can be used for 170 new graves.

In addition a new survey of the existing cemetery has also identified a second area where an extra 50 burials can be added.

Timothy Huxtable, Cabinet Member for Transportation and Regeneration, said: “Over recent years we have seen a significant rise in the number of people asking about space for loved ones at the cemetery and enquiring about our future expansion plans.

“By expanding the site we hope we can help hundreds of local families to cherish and remember their loved ones within a peaceful and convenient setting of their choice.” 


For more information please cotnact Simon Houltby 0121 303 3503

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  1. Kavan Hawker says:

    This is an excellent idea. Not everybody wants to be cremated, and at least this gives people who do not wish to be cremated the option to be buried instead.