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Information for 2011/12 (the most recently available year) is contained within the Birmingham City Council accounts (page 92 of the 156-page PDF file)

Stephen Hughes, Chief Executive of Birmingham City Council, said: “My role is the most senior for an officer within the local authority, which has an annual turnover of £3.5billion, employing almost 15,000 non-shcools staff.

“This makes the council comparable with many FTSE100 companies, most of which employ CEOs on a much higher salary, which often come with generous pension payments, share options and other benefits.

“When compared to other prominent figures within Government, my annual package is worth considerably less than that of the oft-quoted benchmark of the Prime Minister, worth more than £580,000 when you take into other elements such as use of official residences, car and driver and Parliamentary allowances (see briefing note).

“I'm currently leading the effort to meet the spending challenge that sees the city needing to save more than £600million by 2017, which is half of the council’s controllable budget.

“To ensure this spending challenge is met, the organisation needs to employ people that have the ability to steer the authority through these tough times - and the people with these skills in senior roles deserve to be paid accordingly. My salary costs each citizen less than 25p per year.”

Comparative remuneration for the Prime Minister and council chief executives

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