Children's Centre funding from April 2011

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Currently the Children's Centres and Sure Start Local Programme funding are from the General Sure Start Grant. From 31st March 2011 this grant no longer exists. From the 1st April 2011 the 75 Children's Centres in Birmingham are funded by the Early Intervention Grant (EIG).

The EIG has a 15.9% reduction from central government in its allocation to Local Authorities. The children's centres have received notification of indicative budgets with the 15.9% reduction (from central government). The Local Authority (LA) has no plans to close any of its 75 centres or reduce services.

The Government has informed LA's that children's centres should deliver their core offer/purpose with a renewed focus on universal services and early intervention to target those most vulnerable children. They have stated that children's centres can be delivered on a locality model networking centres together so that targeted services reach those in most need and that the core offer/purpose should be delivered across the locality not necessarily all services and activities at each centre, however universal services should be available to all children under 5 and targeted services available to those in most need within their communities, it is Birmingham's intention to continue its community located services through the 75 centres.

Birmingham LA commissions its children's centres through a wide variety of partners from all sectors with budgets allocated to centres through Conditions of Grant Aid and are monitored in terms of quality delivery and outcomes. Each centre decides how they will deliver the core offer/purpose and which services continue or are reduced. If any significant change is to take place the centre must undertake consultation with parents/partners/communities as per legislation and undertake an EINA, the LA ensures this takes place. No indication of service increase or reduction has been identified but as budgets are indicative at this point such potential changes are not yet known.

From April 2012 as part of the LA New Operating Model the 75 centres will be networked into 16 localities to ensure effective and efficient delivery of services and activities building on existing good practice with no closures of centres or restriction to activities/services.

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