City council consulting on new tenant engagement structure

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A consultation has been launched for a new structure to truly engage the role of tenants in their neighbourhood and services.

Senior representatives from Birmingham City Council will give a presentation to the City Housing Liaison Board which will set out the intention to set up new District Housing Panels.

It is planned that the District Housing Panels will replace Housing Liaison Boards and Panels will have direct representation on District Committees through co-opted places.  This fresh approach is rooted in the new administration's move to devolution and localisation – at the heart of the council's vision for Birmingham.

District Housing Panels will work on all citywide housing matters and will provide a vital link between housing services and its tenants.

Proposals will provide a stronger voice for council tenants by enabling them to:
•    Have a real say in their local housing service, in shaping new provision of homes, repair and improvements of homes, allocations and management of homes
•    Make positive improvements to the quality of their local neighbourhood
•    Influence and improve access to a wider range of local services.

Sir Albert Bore, Leader of Birmingham City Council, said: “The consultation is about truly engaging with tenants.  This approach is about the devolution of power, a potent driver in ensuring tenant engagement is inclusive.

“There is important and significant work to be done, and we want District Housing Panels to play a full role in the council's approach.  Giving them greater links to new integrated management teams in the Local Services Directorate with decision-making by District Committees.

“These proposals are not about restructuring the service delivery for the sake of it.  We will build on the good work of the Housing Liaison Board which is why I aim to retain the self-financing HRA model.  As a council we will continue our investment in housing stock, building new homes to meet the housing need and driving up the quality of housing services.”

The consultation is aimed primarily at tenants of Birmingham City Council and will run for 12 weeks from July 19 to 5pm on October 11.

All tenants who are currently involved through existing tenant engagement structures will be engaged directly during the consultation process.

Views are also sought from Birmingham residents across all housing tenures, council staff, unions, partners of Birmingham City Council, and registered social housing providers operating in Birmingham.


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  1. Jim Nicholl says:

    Having been involved in tenant participation in Birmingham and at national level for over 20 years,I would encourage tenant representative to grasp the opportunity to have a REAL voice and REAL input in the management of their homes and communities. Your homes, your communities, your city -get involved !