City wide roll-out of wheelie bins

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A report recommending the roll-out of wheelie bins to all 40 of the city’s wards is due before Cabinet on September 16.

The report contains the results of a public consultation exercise and the tonnage data for waste collected in the pilot wards of Brandwood and Harborne.

Cllr James McKay, Cabinet Member for a Green, Safe and Smart City, said: “The pilot project has shown that wheelie bins can work in Birmingham and I am encouraged by the results we have achieved.

“Overall residents are happy with the scheme, recycling tonnages are up, and the waste we have to incinerate or send to landfill is down - helping save the taxpayer money, also benefitting the environment in the process.

“We couldn't have made the pilots wards work were it not for the support of residents, so I thank the people of Brandwood and Harborne for all their support over the last few months.

“This project is a one-off chance to do things in a better way and we are now at the stage where we can begin to roll-out bins across the city so households in all wards can benefit from the cleaner, modern and efficient system which residents in Brandwood, Harborne and 82 per cent of the country already enjoy.”

Briefing sheet on wheelie bin scheme – 6 September 2013

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  1. Cyril says:

    Yes bravo Councillor McKay bravo.Never before I have seen so much fly tipping or black bags dumped around the lovely area of Harborne.Seeing Wheelie Bins parked in front of terraced houses with small front gardens or left on the pavement because there is nowhere else to put them,really adds character to the place.Lets not forget the added attraction of wheelie bins obstructing the pavements on collection day because the refuse chaps cannot be bothered to put them back properly in front of the properties they were taken from. A job really well done,so bravo again and recycling rates up as well ??? This is all totally marvellous !

  2. elizabeth says:

    i cannot wait for the wheelie bins,I’m sick of cleaning up the mess that’s left by birds(crows and magpies) cats and other animals i have to use at least 3 very strong black bags on one bag of refuse,but that doesn’t stop them getting in,and all household rubbish spread all over the streets, its awful, a breeding ground for more vermin,in walsall they have wheelie bins for sometime and their streets are a lot cleaner than birmingham’s streets,my mom has wheelie bins and she loves them,my mom finds them so much easier to cope with than picking up rubbish strewn all over the pavements as it was before,plus her street had a problem with rats but now with wheelie bins that problem has now gone,i cant wait “ROLL ON THE WHEELIE BINS ASAP”

  3. Nichola says:

    I welcome wheelie bins as I think it will limit the mess made by birds, cats, foxes etc. However I am disappointed to learn that the Erdington and the Sutton Coldfield areas of the city will not recieve them until 2014/15. I don’t think it is right that BCC have stopped providing bags and left these residents with nothing until 2014/15 when they will hopefully receive a wheelie bin.

    • geoffc says:

      Due to central government cuts, the council will have an £800m+ funding gap by 2017. Therefore savings need to be made across all service areas. Ending the supply of council-issued sacks will save £1million a year.

  4. C Dittrich says:

    What arrangements will be made for those of us who have no safe place to keep wheelie bins.?There is nowhere I can put them without blocking the entrance to my house or blocking the pavement. This is because of sloping land.
    Will the rubbish collectors return the bins to their rightful properties rather than leaving them at the end of the road? Will the service be better supervised than now?

    • geoffc says:

      Hi there,
      Every household will be assessed to see if they are suitable for wheelie bins. If there is nowhere suitable to store wheelie bins, a household will remain on the sack system. In general, residents are asked to present the bins at the outside edge of their property for collection, and they will be returned to that point by the refuse collectors. Full details for every street will be made available to residents as and when bins come to their area.

  5. Anita says:

    Very mixed feeling re wheelie bins. Will bring an end to unsightly black bags ripped open and contents spilling out. Should reduce rats and vermin. BUT, there are those of use due to health, disability and age, who cannot pull, push or lift these bins. Some bin crews can’t be bothered sometimes to collect bags correctly placed on street. So can’t see them coming onto property to collect and return bins no matter what sticker may say. May lead to a rise in phone-calls for assistance and further crews being sent out to rectify problems, leading to more expense for council !