Clarification – redundancy payments

By on 14/02/2013 in Rebuttals

‘Serious errors’ made in calculating council redundancy payments (The Chamberlain Files, 25 January 2013)

'Council offers cash bonus to cut staff' (Birmingham Mail, 13 February 2013)

In relation to 'errors had been made in 35 cases', processes have now been changed to ensure that staff leavers are paid in the month after they leave the council rather than in the month they actually leave.

In 2011/12 errors were made in a number of cases where due to early payroll deadlines, redundancy payments were paid before staff had actually left the council and then they were redeployed at the last minute. All of those amounts have now been repaid.

In the case mentioned of a redundant member of staff 'being paid £20,000 in error and only half clawed back', that amount too has now been paid back in full.

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