Controlled Parking Zones in the Jewellery Quarter

By on 09/06/2011 in Rebuttals

A spokesperson for BCC:

“For a number of years a ‘Controlled Parking Zone’ has been in operation within the Jewellery Quarter in order to ensure parking spaces remain available for local residents and business alike.

 ”The scheme was introduced due to the potential for heavy use of parking spaces by non-local residents (city centre shoppers, visitors..) that would be inevitable if no restrictions were in place.

 ”A cost of £3.75 per week is significantly lower than the cost residents would be forced to pay if excessive parking by none locals forced them to park in pay and display car parks or on streets some distance from their homes.”

 “The Controlled Parking Zone has been the subject of extensive consultation with all affected stakeholders in the Jewellery Quarter, including residents, during which the appropriate price levels were also discussed.”


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