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Regarding the story in the Birmingham Mail (4 March 2013) which states 'Birmingham City Council is being charged an astonishing £2,000 for each sapling planted by its highways contractor'.

To date, no additional trees have been planted and so Birmingham City Council has not been charged for planting and upkeep of saplings.

Amey maintains and manages the city's highways trees as part of its 25 year-long contract with Birmingham City Council.

This includes looking after all 70,000 existing trees on the highways network. Occasionally, it may be necessary to remove a tree, which is then replaced under the terms of the 25 year-long contract at no additional cost.

If an additional tree was requested there would be an additional cost as this tree would not have fallen within the remit of the original contract.  However, to date no additional trees have been planted and so no additional costs have been incurred.

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  1. Ken Pritchard says:

    Well that’s OK then … but when we do need a tree planting its going to cost £2k , contractually . Which idiot agreed to that kind of price and if Amey will charge so much for that kind of very simple work then where else in their £2Bn contract have they got opportunities to rip us off ?