Council Backs FOE Car-free Day

By on 18/09/2009 in News

Leading figures from within Birmingham City Council have pledged to back a Friends Of The Earth Campaign to support the Europe-wide 'In Town Without my Car Day” this Tuesday (22nd).

'In Town Without My Car! Day' takes place on the 22nd September every year and encourages people to think about leaving the car at home for a day and to make their journey to work, school, town centres or shops using more sustainable transport such as walking, cycling, public transport or car sharing.

The event seeks to make us question what our town centre streets are, and should be, used for. Should they just be routes for vehicles to travel along or spaces where people can shop and socialise in safety and relative peace and quiet?

In Town Without My Car! Day forms part of European Mobility Week which runs from the 16th to 22nd of September, and provides an opportunity for towns and cities to promote sustainable transport alternatives to the car such as public transport, walking and cycling.

The FOE asked members of the Birmingham Post's 'Power 50' - a list of the most influential 50 people in the West Midlands -  to take part in the awareness day. Those featured from the Council in the 'power 50' who have accepted the challenge include:

  • Cllr Mike Whitby, Leader of BCC
  • Cllr Paul Tilsley, Deputy Leader of BCC 
  • Cllr Martin Mullaney, Cabinet Member for Sport, Leisure and Culture
  • Stephen Hughes, Chief Executive
  • Clive Dutton, Director of Regeneration
  • Phillip Singleton, Assistant Director of Regeneration


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There Are 2 Brilliant Comments

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  1. John Newson says:

    Hurrah! Birmingham is joining the real world. One day without a car. One day out of the metal coffin. Can we do it?

  2. Aldo Mussi says:

    Congratulations to those Birmingham councillors who have backed the Car Free Day. It’s a small but important step in the direction of making the city more people-friendly. Now let’s have more support from the whole cabinet…