Council governance – clarification of facts

By on 28/08/2009 in News, Rebuttals

An article has appeared in the local press concerning an item on council governance that went before the Council Business Management Committee earlier this week.

There are a number of points that need to be clarified about the attendance of the meeting, and who was involved in the decision making process.

– The meeting of the Council Business Management Committee on August 25 was quorate, and therefore any decision made by the members in attendance is valid.

– In line with normal procedure the agenda was in the public domain eight days before the meeting and all members were aware of this.

– Any suggestion that the items on the agenda were slipped through “under the cover of darkness” during the summer break is misleading.

– The Government is asking all councils, under the provisions of the Local Government and Public Involvement in Health Act 2007, to consider two possible models of governance in future – this is not something that Birmingham is solely being asked to make a decision on.

– The CBM committee decided to put forward the Leader and Cabinet Model for full council to consider next month.

– Under this new model the leader of the council would be appointed for a four year term and not have to be re-elected annually by members of the council.

– However despite the inference this will make the leader less accountable, they would still have to answer to the electorate during that period, meaning they could be removed from post if they cease to be a councillor, or if they resign from the council, are suspended from the council or have a motion of no confidence passed against them by a simple majority of councillors.

– This in effect means if the plans are approved by full council there will be essentially no difference in the way Birmingham City Council is run.

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  1. Dave says:

    Inquorate or quorate? (first bullet pt).
    If inquorate then surely the decision is not valid? (indeed there would not have been a decision!)

  2. KrisK says:


    Thanks for the comment – that was a typo, which we have now amended.

    We welcome all feedback on the site and would encourage all visitors to respond to any items that we post, as part of our effort to stimulate healthy debate on council news and activities!