Council Tax bills – postage error

By on 25/03/2011 in News

Birmingham City Council has been made aware that a small number of annual council tax bills have been mistakenly sent out, via the Post Office with insufficient postage to cover the cost of delivery.

Birmingham City Council extends its apologies to all those customers who may have been subject to this error.

We have contacted the Post Office urgently to make arrangements for the City Council to pay the additional postage and to ensure that individual citizens are not asked to make any further payment.

Early next week, the Royal Mail is due to supply a list of the customers who have already attended the Cotteridge sorting office and paid to collect their letter.

Once we have received this list, we will arrange for individual letters of apology to be sent, together with a cheque for £2 which should then cover the reimbursement, together with a small amount for inconvenience (petrol to collect the letter etc).

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  1. V4Vendetta says:

    Out of interest, was this due to the extra information that has to be sent out with Council Tax demands due to the Frankley Parish Council in that area?

    Although given the Royal Mail’s current byzantine charging system, I have every sympathy with this mistake.