Council warns: Stay off the ice

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Birmingham City Council has again warned residents of the dangers of attempting to skate or walk on the city's ice-covered park lakes and ponds.

Regular warnings are issued each winter and the advice has been repeated in the wake of an incident yesterday when a boy was rescued after falling through ice on Bracebridge Pool in Sutton Park.

Visitors to parks and open spaces are being urged to be especially vigilant, especially when visiting with small children and dogs.

Head of Parks, Darren Share, said: “Birmingham Parks and open spaces are especially beautiful at this time of the year but visitors must use common sense.

“Under no circumstances should people attempt to get on to the ice on any open water such as ponds, lakes and canals. It’s just not safe.

“I would also ask all people who may be walking dogs at sites with frozen pools to keep them on a lead at all times to ensure that they don't escape onto the ice.”

The Emergency Services have issued the following safety advice:

  • Do not go onto ice covered lakes, ponds or rivers - it is not safe. (When entering icy water hypothermia can set in very quickly).
  • The ice closest to the bank may appear to be thick but it becomes thinner towards the middle.
  • If a dog or another animal falls through the ice, do not go to its rescue, if the ice did not support the animal it will not take your weight.
  • Do not become a victim - always call the Emergency Services on 999.
  • If you do see a person or animal in difficulties call 999 and direct the Emergency Services on their arrival.


For more information contact Geoff Coleman on 0121 303 3501

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