Cutting Birmingham’s £1.5billion energy bill

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Cabinet is set to approve a major new plan to make Birmingham a leading sustainable city on March 29.

Members will consider the Climate Change Action Plan 2010+ which has a key objective to cut dramatically the city's annual energy bill of over £1.5billion.

Coupled with the £700million plus spent on transport fuels each year, the plan sets out in detail where action must be taken to cut costs and reduce carbon emissions in Birmingham by 60 per cent when compared to 1990 levels.

Within the plan is an aim to create new delivery partnerships between the council, other public bodies, local communities and businesses and the energy companies to drive down the city's overall energy consumption.

If achieved as planned, this will also release new money for jobs, enable Birmingham households to spend less on their energy bills, and create new green business opportunities in the city.

Additionally it is envisaged the plan will complement and take forward the city council's own Business Transformation investment plan and enable the continued and accelerated transformation of Birmingham as a high quality location for living, working and enjoyment.

Cllr Paul Tilsley, Deputy Leader of Birmingham City Council, whose portfolio covers sustainability, said: “We have already made huge strides forward on the green agenda, having cut carbon emissions by 103,000 tonnes last year alone.

“Birmingham has already shown its commitment through initiatives on district energy, electric vehicles and housing retrofitting, but keeping up this level of progress will be challenging, which is why it is essential to have a structured approach to tackling the issue in the form of the Birmingham Climate Change Action Plan 2010+.

“There is plenty of work still to do but we now have a road map that plots how we can reach the ambitious, but essential, goals we have set. It is imperative we take action to enhance energy efficiency across all sectors as it will help reduce fuel poverty, boost businesses, improve residents' health and make Birmingham a better city in which to live, work and play.”

The launch of the plan also coincides with the start of a “Making Birmingham Green” campaign. The plan itself comes complete with a rubber stamp-style logo which reads “Making Birmingham Green”. All city council initiatives that fit into the action plan's aims will be stamped with the logo in the coming months and years.


Notes to editors

1. The Birmingham Declaration, a seven-point “quick win” plan to cut the city's own carbon emissions between now and 2015, which was approved by council in December 2009 before the Deputy Leader of the council attended the UN Climate Change Summit in Copenhagen later that month.
2. Birmingham was awarded a Green Flag for tackling climate change and reducing CO2 emissions by the Audit Commission in the city's Comprehensive Area Assessment in 2009. Green flags are awarded when it is judged that there is exceptional performance or outstanding improvement in a specific area of work which other towns and cities could learn from.
3. A factsheet, underlining Birmingham's green credentials, is available for background information.

For further information contact Kris Kowalewski on 0121 303 3621

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