Funky chickens – fresh egg trend grows

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Birmingham residents are cock-a-hoop for fresh eggs, with figures showing that the trend for keeping chickens is growing.

An estimated 6000 people across the city are keeping hens in their back gardens, and this figure is predicted to rise.

Back-to-basics Brummies are economising on food bills by keeping the hens for their eggs, while some are bringing the countryside to the city and keeping them as pets.

Birmingham City Council is keen to remind residents who plan to keep poultry on domestic property of their responsibilities.

No licence is needed to keep chickens, as long as there is no smell or noise nuisance caused to neighbours, but permission may need to be sought from a landlord or lease owner.

Animal Health and Welfare Officer Graham Taylor from Birmingham City Council's Animal Welfare Team has been kept busy issuing advice to would-be chicken keepers. Graham says:

“I am noticing more and more calls from residents who are interested in keeping chickens. It is a nice rural dream for some, but people must be prepared to commit to looking after them. Like any animal, chickens need comfort and shelter and the freedom to exercise their normal behavioural patterns, so they do not get distressed.

“Each bird must be able to easily stand, turn around and stretch their wings, and have sufficient space to perch or sit down without any interference from other birds.

“They also need a healthy diet and access to fresh water, and their shelter needs to be kept clean and safe from predators like foxes.”

Advice on the construction of buildings and general management is available from the Animal Welfare Team on 0121 303 9917.


For more information please contact Hayley Meachin on 0121 303 1271/ 07920 750007

Note to Editors

During the last year 1st April 09 – 31st March 10, the council has received 70 complaints from residents regarding noise from cockerels, in comparison to 2033 complaints received during the same period for noise nuisance from music.

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