GCSE results in Birmingham continue to improve

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Cllr Brigid Jones

Cllr Brigid Jones

The proportion of pupils gaining five or more good GCSEs in Birmingham has continued to improve.

Early indications show that 63 per cent of pupils gained five or more A* – C grades (or equivalents), including English and mathematics GCSE, compared to 60.1 per cent last year.

Birmingham City Council cabinet member for children and family services, Cllr Brigid Jones, said: “I would like to congratulate our young people who have worked so hard to achieve these fantastic results in their GCSE exams and their equivalents and I wish them every success in their future plans. 

“I would also like to thank their teachers, parents and friends for the quality of teaching and the strength of support given to them in the years leading up to this important milestone.” 


Notable achievements:


72.4% of our children got 5 or more A*-C grades. We notice some potential errors in the results which may have a significant upward impact on this initial assessment.
This represents an outstanding increase of 43% on last year. I think this would make Al-Hijrah one of the most improved schools this year.

Of all the GCSEs taken at the school our children got 38% A*-A. This is nearly double the national average reported today.

Ebacc                                                     40%
3A* – A                                                 38%
GCSE RE               A* – A                    51%
GCSE Biology      A* – A                    73%
GCSE Physics      A* – A                    96%

The Arthur Terry School

Following on from last week's RECORD BREAKING AS AND A2 RESULTS, Arthur Terry is delighted to announce OUTSTANDING GCSE EXAMINATION RESULTS with 85% of students achieving the 'Gold' Standard of 5 or more A* – C grades, including English and Maths. The school is also celebrating the IMPRESSIVE NUMBER OF A* and A grades which far exceed national and school targets at a time when it is recognised that the top grades are becoming even harder to achieve; a third of our students achieved this measure. Furthermore as a truly comprehensive school, Arthur Terry is happy to report highly impressive progress data which shows that the school is far exceeding national data at 3 and 4 levels progress irrespective of students' starting points. This is testament to the outstanding learning and teaching at the school. 'We are delighted with our students' achievements', commented Joint Headteachers Neil Warner and Richard Gill. 'Every student is unique and therefore hidden behind all the Government headline data lies a remarkable achievement which should make all of our young people feel very proud'.
Most of our students will be returning to our Sixth Form alongside joining students from all over Birmingham, Staffordshire and Warwickshire. For those who are leaving us at this time, we wish them good luck as they embark on the next stage of their lives.

Notable Achievements are:

                                                 A+         A             B             C
Pupil 1                                  7              7              0              0
Pupil 2                                   7              6              1              0
Pupil 3                                   7              6              1              0
Pupil 4                                   6              6              2              0
Pupil 5                                   3              11           0              0
Pupil 6                                  3              11           0              0
Pupil 7                                   5              7              1              1
Pupil 8                                   4              6              4              0
Pupil 9                                   2              9              3              0
Pupil 10                                1              12           0              1
Pupil 11                                1              12           0              1
Pupil 12                                4              5              4              1
Pupil 13                                2              9              1              2
Pupil 14                                0              13           0              1
Pupil 15                                0              12           1              1
Pupil 16                                0              11           3              0
Pupil 17                                0              11           3              0
Pupil 18                                3              5              4              2
Pupil 19                                2              7              5              0

Aston Manor Academy

One pupil gained              11 A's & 3 A*'s
One pupil gained              9 A's & 4 A*'s
One pupil gained              4 A's & 5 A*'s
One pupil gained              13 A's & 1 A*
One pupil gained              8 A's & 4 A*'s

Bishop Vesey Grammar

Students and staff at Bishop Vesey's Grammar School are celebrating outstanding GCSE results yet again. 67% of all grades were at A*/A. Half of all students attained 8 or more A*/A grades: a new school record. Indeed, the percentage of grades awarded A* was up across the school with some brilliant performances in tougher subjects like Physics, where 51% of students achieved an A* grade. Moreover, every student achieved 100% 5 A*-C including English and Mathematics.
There were as usual some excellent individual performances with 6 pupils all securing a terrific ten A*s.

Bishop Walsh Catholic School

Pupils at Bishop Walsh Catholic School are celebrating outstanding GCSE results as 98% of Year 11 at the all ability school have achieved 5A*-C grades.  78% of pupils achieved 5A*-Cs including English and Mathematics (91% A*-C in Mathematics alone!). Nearly 40% of all grades were at A* and A, the best the school has recorded. 

16% of the year group got 5A*s or better; a school record.  One pupil was best in her year with 9A*s.  One pupil got 8A*s while 4 pupils scored an impressive 7A*s. 

Subjects where over 50% of pupils gained an A* or A grade include Biology, Chemistry, Dance, Drama, Geography, Fashion, Music, Music Technology, Physics and Religious Education.  There were 33A*s and 57A grades in Religious Education alone while over a third of grades in Mathematics were A*/A.  Over 95% of pupils got two or more science GCSEs.
The 'English Baccalaureate' gold standard of GCSEs in English, Maths, 2 Sciences, a Modern Language and either History or Geography has shot up to 51% of the year group in 2013 from a figure of 17% in 2012. 
Bordesley Green Girls’ School and Sixth Form

Improvement in both English and Maths Results.  Our best ever results.

Cardinal Wiseman

2 pupils got 14 A* – C incl En/Ma
1 pupil -  13 including 9A* 4A
1 pupil -  13 incl 8 A/A*
1 pupil -  13 incl 8 A/A*
One fifth of year group got 10 or more A* – C incl En/Ma
Hillcrest School

1 pupil gained                                    16 GCSE's – 13 at A*/A grades
1 pupil gained                                    13 GCSE's – 12 at A*/A grades
1 pupil gained                                    15 GCSE's – 12 at A*/A grades
1 pupil gained                                    13 GCSE's - 11 at A*/A grades
1 pupil gained                                    15 GCSE's - 9 at A*/A grades
1 pupil gained                                    12 GCSE's - 8 at A*/A grades
1 pupil gained                                    11 GCSE's - 8 at A*/A grades plus an AS grade A
1 pupil gained                                    14 GCSE's - 10 at A grades

Almost 75% of the cohort achieved 8 or more A*-C grades.
41% of the cohort achieved the E-Bacc suite of subjects.

International School

Overall we have made an 11% improvement on last year.

1 pupil - 5.5 A* grades, 3 A grades, 1 B grade

King Edward VI Camp Hill Boys School

The pupils have, once again, achieved another excellent set GCSE results at King Edward VI Camp Hill School for Boys. 82.0% of all GCSE's were at A*/A grades and a staggering 52.2% were at A* grade (all the more impressive considering the extremely disappointing and surprising small number of A* grades awarded to students in English Language, English Literature and Design Technology and Resistant Materials). Three achieved 10 A* straight grades, seven achieved 9 A* grades, 11 achieved 8A* grades. Thirty four out of a year group of ninety three achieved straight A*/A grades. 92.5% of students in the year group achieved at least 5A*/A grades.

King Edward VI Camp Hill Girls School

7 students were awarded 12A* grades and a further 11 students achieved 11 A* grades. 10 students achieved grade A at AS Computing. Well done to all students on their results.

Plantsbrook School

'Best ever GCSE Results for Plantsbrook yet again!'
Individual successes;
1 pupil -  10 A* & 3.5 A grades- student of Polish descent with English as additional language
1 pupil -  9 A* & 5.5 A grades
1 pupil – severely visually impaired student Dist* in Hospitality and Catering plus 4 C & 1.5 D grades
1 pupil -  8 A*, 4 A & 1.5 B grades
1 pupil -  7 A* & 4 A & 0.5 B grades

Shenley Academy
A 14% increase in % A* – C including English & Maths!


At GCSE our students have again achieved really stunning success.  As it stands 70% have gained 5 A*-C including English and Maths – our best ever results! 24% of all grades were A or A* and over 52% were A*, A or B.

Turves Green Boys' School

Massive 25% increase on 5 A*-C including Maths and English

Waverley School

16% of our students achieved 5 A*-A grades, last year this was 1%.
24% of our students achieved 3 A*-A grades, last year this was 14%.
69% achieved 1 A*-A grade, last year this was 32%.

Wheelers Lane Technology College

English results back to where they should be after last year’s debacle:  last year 54% A* – C in English, this year 78%.

5A* – C with EnMa up by 15% from 54% to 69%

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