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Birmingham is currently compiling a new electoral register which it must do every year. All households in Birmingham will have received an annual canvass form in which people can confirm their details or make amendments (because, for example someone within the house has reached 18 since the last canvass in 2009).

So far, 181,619  households have responded to the form.  If you have not responded you should have received a reminder form. If you do you should make sure your family read the instructions carefully, and if there are no changes to the information shown respond by phone, internet or SMS text, (62,383 households have already responded in this way) or if there are changes, then send the form to us in the freepost return envelope by Monday 11 October at the latest.

If you do not respond a team of canvassers will start visiting properties from 8 - 21 October in order to confirm your details.

And that's it. Once you have responded you will be registered to vote at the local elections in May 2011 as well as the possible referendum on the alternative voting system for our Members of Parliament.

You can vote in person, at a polling station, or by applying for a postal vote or a proxy vote (where someone you trust casts your vote on your behalf).

Research from the independent Electoral Commission has shown that 22% of students in the UK are not registered to vote in elections.  If you are a student, and live away from home during term time, you can register at your term time address as well and vote there instead should the election be scheduled while you are away from home.  Remember, you can only vote once. 

The independent Electoral Commission has a website,  , packed with information about registering to vote, who can register and the different ways of having your say - you can even visit a virtual polling station!

Registering to vote takes a few minutes.  Don't miss out on your chance to make your voice heard.

  You can vote if you live in the UK and are aged 18 or over on polling day and a British, Irish Republic, qualifying Commonwealth citizen.  British citizens living overseas are also eligible to vote if they have been registered in the UK in the past 15 years.  Members of the UK armed forces serving abroad can also vote.

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