Green collections suspended for winter

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Birmingham City Council, along with many other local authorities, will not be collecting green waste during the winter season, because people tend to garden less.

The last fortnightly green waste collections will take place between 14th and 25th November. Collections will resume, on the usual allotted day, from 6th February 2012.

Black sack, paper and mixed waste recycling collections will continue as normal throughout the winter.

Councillor Timothy Huxtable, Cabinet Member for Transport, Environment and Regeneration, said: “With the majority of plants and trees dormant through the winter our experience shows that the demand for green collections throughout these months is minimal. It is therefore far more efficient for us to suspend the service and concentrate our resources on other areas throughout this period.”

Members of the public can still take green waste to their local household recycling centre or consider a more long term solution, such as composting their own garden waste and kitchen vegetables, by purchasing a compost bin.  

Compost bins can be purchased from or by calling: 0845 130 6090.

Real Christmas trees:

Christmas tree recycling collection points will again be available at each of our Country Parks (Lickey Hills Country Park, Sheldon Country Park, Sutton Park and Woodgate Valley Country Park) between Friday 6th January and Sunday 29th January.  

For more information about recycling, please visit the waste and recycling pages at

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There Are 9 Brilliant Comments

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  1. Aidan Jukes says:

    They say Birmingham is one of the greenest cities in the UK (Trees not carbon footprint)
    They also say that the leaves are falling much later this year due to the warm Autumn, if Tim Huxtable cares to look out the window I am sure he would agree and that it will be a couple of weeks before all are down. My property is bordered on 2 sides by council owned land/roads this border is made up of in excess of 60m of ancient hedgerow; mature Oak,hazel,birch,alder,hawthorn,and many evergreens, many are still losing their leaves and with the prevaling winds most will be deposited in my enclosed garden. I will collect and bags these and end up with a great many garden bags full of wet slimy leaves, far too many for me to transport to a waste site. So what to do leave them at the edge of my property until next Feb (most would have blown out of the open bags by then) and cut down the hedgerow.. more sun next summer, no problem next Autumn.. Surely the time to reduce green waste collections is late winter before the growing period, not late autumn before gardens are cleared of this seasons debris…Maybe the amount saved will cover the cost of clearing up after fly tippers?

  2. R. Hurst says:

    Its all very well suspending the green waste collections for the winter, which I quite agree with, but it would have been a good idea to tell everyone. There are green bags everywhere people have put out tonight (30.11.11) for the usual thursday collection, will they stay there until Feb now. Why didnt you send a flyer round giving us the dates and highlighting this

  3. C Dittrich says:

    I did not receive a leaflet with collection dates for this year so did not know green waste was to be suspended for 2.5 months until it was too late. Judging by the number of green bags left out in the surrounding roads I am not alone in not knowing. Some of my neighbours do not drive and so are unable to take rubbish to a tip. Those of us who do drive are trying to help them out.
    Do you have any arrangements to help the disabled who find it difficult to lift bags in and out of cars?

  4. Michael Rollins says:

    There are piles of green bags out for collection all over Bournville because the residents do not know you have suspended collections. I can understand suspending collections January to March but starting at the end of November is unreasonable.

  5. J. Choyce says:

    Why have the public not been informed about suspension of green bag collection
    Driving around there are green bags everywhere. I suggest a truck to pick them all up.

  6. Clare Dewsbery says:

    Why is it, on your website, you are still giving the dates of the green waste collections in December when you insert your address, yet these very collections have been suspended? Your website does not reflect your service and gives inaccurate information.

    • SimonH says:

      Clare many thanks for your comment.

      You are correct the website was incorrect if you entered your individual postcode into the serach field and requested information on your specific scheduled collections dates. I have spoken to the people who run this aspect of the site in order to get it changed.

  7. Helen Cherry says:

    I didn’t know green bag collections had been suspended. I have green bags out waiting to be collected. Why wasn’t this publicised? I do not have a car what do you suggest I do with my sacks of leaves?

    • SimonH says:

      Hi Helen

      In common with most local authorities, green waste collections were suspended for the winter, as it is uneconomical to collect green waste across winter months due to the relatively low volumes put out. These arrangements were advertised in the local media, leaflets sent to households and highlighed online.

      Collections will resume in February, the best advice in the meantime if you are unable to get to a household recycling centre is (if you have a garden) is to home compost.