Green Living Spaces Plan for Birmingham

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Birmingham's Green Living Spaces Plan (GLSP) is set to reshape the role that parks and green spaces play in the city's wider green agenda.

If approved by Cabinet on September 16, the plan will form a key element of Council Leader Sir Albert Bore's ambitions for Birmingham to become a greener city.

The GLSP introduces seven key principles, drawing together the different elements of the wider green agenda, introducing new ways of working and setting out a new role for the city's parks as vital defences against the effects of climate change. The principles include:

•    An adapted city – ensuring the city’s infrastructure is ready for the effects of climate change
•    The city’s blue network – adopting water sensitive urban design
•    A healthy city – improving the quality of life and well-being of all our citizens
•    The city’s productive landscapes – supporting allotments and future community food growing, and tree and woodland planting
•    The city’s greenways – improved urban mobility and connectivity
•    The city’s ecosystems – expanding Nature Improvement Areas
•    The city’s green living spaces -  Birmingham becoming an international City of Green Living Spaces

The GLSP would see the council working smarter by including the latest scientific thinking to provide a comprehensive mapped audit of  its natural resources – trees, woodlands, allotments, parks and public open spaces, wetlands, canals and rivers.

These maps could then be used to show exactly which areas of the city have access to these resources and which do not. This could be taken into account when future developments and services are being planned.

The quality of life improvements for citizens in the long term could also lead to potential big savings, as people are able to achieve improved health and quality of life, helping to reduce demands on health services.

The GLSP will also provide supporting evidence to the forthcoming sustainable development policy for Birmingham – 'Your Green and Healthy City' Supplementary Planning Document.

Cllr James McKay, Cabinet Member for a Green, Safe and Smart City, said: “To become a truly leading green city Birmingham must do more - we must prepare ourselves for a world that is already facing dwindling resources and the effects of dramatic climate change.

“The Green Living Spaces Plan will help us to secure the long-term future for our green spaces, and ensure that all our citizens have access to the natural resources which are essential to health and wellbeing.”


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