Gritting update – Jan 4

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Precautionary salting of all priority routes
03/01/2010 – 19.00

Responses to incidents as possible

City centre footway treatments
03/01/2010 – 04:00

Sutton Coldfield footway treatments
03/01/2010 – 04:00

Refilling grit bins

Last night (Jan 3-4) was the 20th consecutive night we have gritted the network - the previous record was 14 consecutive nights.

We have also been gritting the network at a greater intensity in an effort to keep the city moving.

Despite these two factors, we currently have adequate supplies - though this situation can quickly change as other local authorities have seen.

We started the winter with higher stocks than in previous years and new supplies are on order.

As demands increase across the UK, we are working closely with our suppliers to ensure we stay on top of the situation

Of course the situation could change with significant snowfall - as we have seen in other parts of the UK - and officers continue to closely monitor the situation.

Winter maintenance and gritting plans –

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There Are 14 Brilliant Comments

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  1. syed tahir kazmi says:

    why not birmingham council putt some grittings on foot paths by livingstone road handsworth by school and on the road,i seen truck coming there once since snow fall.

  2. sarah stafford says:

    The grit bin on my road (Blakemore Drive, Sutton Coldfield) has been empty since the snow before christmas – I’m fed up of waiting on the phone to get through to someone to request it is filled. It’s all very well saying the main routes are open, but is little use if you can’t get to them!

  3. Gina kay says:

    My road in Ladywood is like an ice rink, cannot get up the road! There is a school on the road and its never been grit despite a number of calls to council. An accident is waiting to happen!

  4. Mr Saeed says:

    Hi. Please can you top up the grit box on the corner of Anglesey Street & Wills Street in Lozells? It has been empty for the last few days. There is a neighbourhly spirit here for residents to help grit the pavements and where possible the road – understanding the council cannot priorities/reach side streets. Our School on Anglesey Street has been open, we’d like to do our bit to help our kids walk to school safely in these conditions. Many thanks Lozells Neighbourhood Forum.

  5. Pianoman, Longbridge says:

    Hi. Given the fact that bus routes 47 and 49 in the south of the city were severely disrupted last week, might I suggest the gritters prioritise Wychall Lane and Staple Lodge Road along with the main roads so that we won’t be cut off when this weekend’s forecasted snow arrives. Thank you.

  6. Athoob says:

    Can you please grit the groves of reservoir road here in Selly oak. Foot paths to Water Mill school is very dangerous to walk on as we take the children on foot.

  7. syed tahir kazmi says:

    You should think your self lucky you got at least grit bins,we haven’t got nothing on livingstone road handsworth,I believe council just like to collect money out of our pockets,our foot paths are like ice skating floors,My Mrs is pregnant and she goes on that ice to leave kids to the school and I have to be worried all time at work which i start at 06:00 am,I believe they are just waiting for people suffer through it and get their lifes turned around with (GOD FORBIDS) SOME KIND OF HORRIBLE ACCIDENT.

  8. mohammed Amin says:

    Can we please have a grit bin on the corner of St Saviours Road and George Arthur Road Saltley Bham B8 1NF. It is an icing ring down there.

    Can the council send a snowplough on the side roads in St Saviours Road, Ellesmere Road Saltley as the build up of snow is making cars to get stuck.

    Thank you.

  9. Mark says:

    Nice to have a gritting update that has not been updated since the 4th of Jan. Maybe you should remove it from the website if you are not going to use it.

    Appears that you did not grit the roads last night in Great Barr, thanks.

    Will see if you have decided to empty the bins when i get home…

  10. M Kerr says:

    What an interesting phenomenon! Record gritting but fewer gritters than ever spotted in action… I have been lucky enough to spot two of this rare breed this winter and at least one of those appeared to be empty.

    Keep up the good work.


  11. Mark says:

    FAO geoffc, thank you for an update. Looking at the post following yours it seems i am not the only one looking at this old information. I hope they get it changed quickly.

    Hopefully the bins get emptied today!

  12. lorraine says:

    I think Highways have done a good job (up until last night/this morning-not sure what went wrong) with keeping the main roads running safely and our grit bin refilled.

  13. Jenna says:

    We have no grit bins on or around our road near Broad Lane in Kings Heath and no effort has been made to grit our road or any of the surrounding roads. My bins have not been collected for 2 weeks now and who do i send the bill for new tyres on my partners van too? He has had to be pushed out of our road for the 2nd time this week and helped into a parking space this evening. I have driven through 3 pot holes today which have probably caused considerable damage to my car, i understand that this is an unavoidable effect of the bad weather but these holes never seem to get filled and may have been avoided had the roads been properly gritted and maintained throughout the year! It will take a serious accident before anything will be done.
    WHAT does the £110/month i pay for council tax get spent on?????…. Cos it certainly aint bin bags!!