How not registering to vote can affect your finances

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Make sure you register on the electoral roll or it might not just be the right to vote you lose – You could also be turned down for credit or find difficulties in obtaining a mortgage or even a mobile phone, warns Birmingham City Council.

Each autumn the Birmingham Electoral Registration Office compiles a new electoral register by sending out annual canvass forms to every property in the area and they are urging residents to register to vote as forms start filtering through letter boxes.

Also, with the possibility of Westminster election boundaries being redrawn it will be important to ensure that people are registered so that they are counted in any review of the constituencies.

Since many credit companies, banks and phone operators use the electoral roll as a primary source on which to check on customers’ identify when conducting a credit report, not appearing on the register could directly lead to more than just not being able to vote.

Robert Connelly, Head of Electoral Services for the City, said:

“If you're not registered to vote, then not only are you unable to make a decision about who represents you in Government, but you may find it harder to obtain credit.”

“Registering to vote is simple, quick and easy. If there are no changes to the information on the voter registration form, residents will be able to register by freephone, online, by text or by post.”

To be eligible for entry to the electoral register you must be a British, Commonwealth, Irish or EU citizen who will be 18 on 1st December 2010. 16 and 17 year olds who will be 18 before 1st December 2011 should also register giving their date of birth so that they can vote as soon as they are 18.

If your details have not changed since last year you can register by calling the freephone number 0800 025 1050 Alternatively you can text your 2 security codes to the number shown on your form, or go to However if you prefer you may also fill in and return the form via post.

Where the information is not full or correct, names of those no longer resident should be crossed out and any new names added before signing and posting back to the elections office.

Anyone who has not received a form, or has any queries about registration or voting, should ring the Elections Office on 0121 303 2731 or write or call at the Office at 150 Great Charles Street (next to Chest Clinic) Birmingham, B3 3HS.


For more information Simon Houltby, Senior Media Officer, 0121 303 3503

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