It doesn't feel like Birmingham missed out

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martin mullaneyForget missing out on the UK City of Culture crown, Birmingham City Council Cabinet Member for Leisure, Sport and Culture Cllr Martin Mullaney reflects on how cultural life in Birmingham is simply carrying on regardless.

Last month Birmingham narrowly missed out on being named the UK's first ever City of Culture…the thing is, nobody appears to have told people and organisations across the city.

Sure the title would have been fantastic and we fought a campaign to be proud of – but things haven't exactly ground to a halt in Birmingham. Far from it, culture continues to thrive.

I always knew that would be the case - creativity is in our collective DNA and the same desire and passion that made this the city of a thousand trades exists today as individuals and organisations across Birmingham continue to make their mark.

Recent events include:

This city guide that recently appeared in the Daily Telegraph merely scratched the surface. But it does give some idea of the wealth of our cultural offer.

Last week I was lucky enough to be invited along to the launch of Drumatised (see video) - a project bringing groups and ethnic communities together through music and dance. The talent and enthusiasm on display was phenomenal.

At the weekend I attended The River project - an event that celebrates our heritage and identity through dance.

Featuring 138 performers from Birmingham, The River project (a collaborative animated film) is the culmination of an 18-month project that engaged people from seven communities in Birmingham.

There's always something happening here in Birmingham, whether it's the exciting calendar of Birmingham City Council events or the wealth of innovative independent projects.

As we saw throughout the City of Culture campaign, the two strands work closely together because they share the same goal - to enrich the lives of people and communities across Birmingham.

That's why we'll remain a creative, cultural city with or without an official stamp of approval.

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