Wheelie bin webchat – May 8

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Anyone with questions about Birmingham City Council's plan to modernise refuse collections is being invited to take part in a webchat on May 8.

Cllr James McKay, Cabinet Member for a Green, Safe and Smart City, will be on hand between 6pm and 7pm to field enquiries on the council's plan to roll out wheelie bins across the city.

To get involved, register for a reminder in the panel below. If you are unable to get online for the chat, you can submit questions in advance by email to press.office@birmingham.gov.uk

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  1. Cyril says:

    A webchat ? Is that the best he can do ? Not exactly very brave is it ? If Cllr.McKay believes and has much faith in his wheelie bin project then why isn’t he getting out there on the streets of his Harborne ward and actually talking to some of the residents/voters on a one to one basis and who elected him to represent them ?This business about him having 2 jobs, of being a spokesman for green issues in Europe and a Harborne councillor,is to my mind a conflict of interest ! There are alot of unhappy people in Harborne concerning how all this has been introduced and forced upon residents but don’t go what I say,let him visit a few of his electorate.

    • geoffc says:

      Cllr McKay attended the first wheelie bin roadshow on Monday.
      He also holds regular advice bureaux and attends community events where residents can voice concerns about ongoing issues.
      We hope the webchat will reach residents who are unable to attend Cllr McKay’s advice bureaux but who have questions about the wheelie bin introduction.
      Previous webchats have proved effective and have reached a large number of people.

  2. Cyril says:

    By the way I asked Cllr.McKay to get the the small terraced houses with very small gardens in my road re-assessed for suitability of storing 3 wheelie bins and he flatly refused !! and he’s supposed to be our local councillor ?? Anyone with an ounce of sense can see that many of the terraced properties are unsuitable for wheelie bins but we have been green carded and our objection has been dismissed.It is totally absurd. Let him visit our road if he needs any proof.In fact if I see him at any road shows I will get him to do just that.

  3. Cyril says:

    For goodness sake,you only have to read the comments on last nights webchat and have an ounce of common sense to come to the conclusion that it is not the actual wheelie bins ( 2 or 3 of them ) that are the problem but being able to store them on small properties with very small gardens is ! I cannot believe that a local councillor ( McKay ) is not willing to budge an inch or compromise on this situation.It is no good him trying to fight off everyone with a different opinion about how they have been assessed, this situation cannot be left to continue and will only get worse and the same problem will crop up even after the pilot schemes have gone because there are thousands of small terraced properties with small gardens across the whole of Birmingham,once wheelie bins are rolled out to the entire city.For a local councillor not to take note of this or listen is a definite failure on his part.

  4. Cyril says:

    I would advise Cllr.McKay to take a sensible approach to the fact that it is quite obvious to everyone that there are major concerns and problems with storing wheelie bins on small terraced properties.If he can address this issue properly and in a considerate manner then I am sure people would be more accepting of the whole situation.