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With Birmingham’s City of Culture bid now with the Department for Media, Culture and Sport, many of you have been logging onto the Big Blank Canvas ( to share ideas for Birmingham’s UK City of Culture bid.

This is just a selection of the most recent contributions and we want to hear from you.

Sheila Espin: I would like Birmingham to hold an event that becomes a draw to others because it's different. We have attractions that we should exploit - the Jewellery Quarter, the parks, the canals etc.
I would also like to see large chess boards in public open spaces where we could encourage the art of chess like they do in other European Cities.
We should remember though that many people in the city do not live in or visit the city centre so events should also be based in the suburbs, perhaps on council estates.

Georgie: I'd like to see something that would put Brum on the map. Other cities and towns constantly out do us and it's a shame. If we had an event that was like the Durham Light Festival or The Sultan's Elephant - something really imaginative accessible and grand in scale that we could be really proud of as a city.

Ron Theay: With regard to more museums why not concentrate on the locality. I am always surprised that we have no Burne Jones gallery in the city. He was a Brummie, being born in Bennetts Hill and his temporary exhibitions have always generated a great deal of interest. Lowry has his own gallery near Manchester and it seems odd we don't have one for BJ especially with his connections to interesting people like Morris and Rossetti.
The other thought is about our music heritage. The Midlands spawned heavy metal and yet no one seems to know. Why haven't we got something to show for the likes of Judas Priest, Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin. We don't seem to blow our own trumpet very much. It's sad that New Zealand has made so much in recent years from a book/film based on Moseley/Hall Green……
As a site for these two new museums what about the site of the current library; and hopefully a proper stone building not one of these glass things.

Sheila Huckfield-Powell: Display of items from all religions and sections of the diverse community that makes up the City of Birmingham.

The Cultural Sisters: We would like to work with community groups to get people together for a huge procession bringing different groups, cultures and ages together in a day of celebration. We would also like to see good quality contemporary art.

Click on the link below for your chance to help shape Birmingham’s bid to be the UK’s first City of Culture in 2013.

The website invites members of the public to share their ideas for the City of Culture bid.

If Birmingham is shortlisted, a formal bid must be submitted next year and organisers want the people of Birmingham to have their say.

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