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gamblesHead of Birmingham Libraries Service Brian Gambles with the latest in a series of blogs looking at the exciting £193million Library of Birmingham project.

Construction work on the library site continues to progress on schedule. The arrival of the first tower crane caused some local interest and it now dominates the Centenary Square skyline. A second, rather taller, crane is due to come on site in about 5 week's time.

The “Construction Village” is now complete and the Carillion Training Room was officially launched yesterday. It was pleasing to see several representatives of local residents in attendance, reflecting I think the great lengths that Carillion have gone to engage the community: this is shown not just in the apprenticeships and local employment schemes which are being widely applauded, but now more formally recognised in the first official audit of Carillion's performance as a “Considerate Contractor”, which saw them achieve an outstanding score. Well done to all involved!

Continuing national recognition for the scale of what we are attempting with the Library of Birmingham. Intelligent Life, published by the Economist, has a really good feature about Francine Houben's visionary designs for the library and her way of tackling the challenge of designing a unique library, and later this month Francine will be giving a public lecture at the London Architecture Festival at the Apple Store in Regent Street. The Library's contribution to Birmingham's recognition as a cultural city continues to grow and excite.

Growing numbers of people interested in hearing about our vision for the library. This month I'm giving talks to the Civic Society, the Institute of Asian Businesses, and Birmingham Future, plus a library conference. Hopefully we can sign them all up as our Facebook Friends!

And lastly, nothing but praise for what must be the best hoardings around! Does anyone know of an award for Best Hoardings? The exciting design work for our Faces campaign is now being complemented by a Living Wall, believed to be a world first on a site hoarding - unless you know differently of course! And watch this space for more exciting news about the hoardings.

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