New green technology saves tenants money

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Birmingham City Council has helped to drastically reduce a council family’s gas bill after installing innovative, renewable technology to their home.

As part of a pilot scheme, Thomas Vale Construction sponsored the council and installed a ground source heat pump in place of the existing boiler in the home of Mr Andrew Tamblin and Mrs Pearl Tamblin, from Yardley Wood at a cost of £15,000.

Paul Dockerill, Mr Tamblin and Cllr Lines

Paul Dockerill, Mr Tamblin and Cllr Lines

This is the first time such experimental technology has been installed in a residential property in Birmingham, in an urban environment and is the first scheme of its kind in the Midlands.

The ground source heat pump is a self sustaining heat source which provides constant hot water and heating whilst reducing utility bills considerably by taking advantage of natural heat from within the ground.

Ground source heat pumps provide hot water and heating for homes, schools and businesses for a fraction of the cost of the conventional boiler.

Heat pumps are designed to provide a comfortable heat all year round whilst reducing carbon emissions and producing a constant, reliable energy source.

The council also recently funded the repairs on the Tamblin's external walls and roof as part of its ambitious plans to bring all council properties up to decent homes standard by 2010, which it is on course to deliver. It also converted Mr Tamblin's property from two flats to one larger family home as part of its drive to increase the number of larger homes in Birmingham.

Cllr John Lines, Cabinet Member for Housing said: “We are always exploring ways to help the environment and this was a one-off installation which explored the benefits of the ground source heat pump.

“We are committed to green initiatives in Birmingham and this is certainly something my officers will explore further for our other properties.

“I'm delighted by the pilot's success and we have very happy tenants who have been pleased by the money they’ve saved, as well as the structural and decent homes work improvements we carried out on their home.”


Mr Tamblin

Council tenant Mr Tamblin added: “The hot water used to trickle out of the taps and take a long time to heat up, this caused a nuisance when we wanted to bath the children. Now we can run a bath in half the time and access a constant supply of hot water. We are amazed at the difference.

“The ground source heat pump has an internet dial up system so if anything goes wrong a repairs engineer comes within an hour to fix the problem if it's something that can't be fixed over the phone.

“The savings we have made are also fantastic- this time last year my gas bill was £109 per month but my last bill was only around £20.

“It's not just the ground source heat pump but overall improvement to my home that I'm grateful for such as the repair work and roof work.

“This time last year we were sat in a freezing cold house, this year we will be nice and warm. We want to thank the Council and Thomas Vale Construction for installing the Ground Source heat Pump.”

Paul Dockerill, Director at Thomas Vale Construction added, “This innovative scheme will help to reduce our carbon impact as a society if implemented in more houses and hope this is the beginning of a bright future for renewable technologies in homes across the Midlands.”


Notes to Editor

Thomas Vale Construction is one of the Midlands largest privately owned Building, Civil Engineering and Construction Services group of companies and has established an enviable reputation for quality and for working closely with clients and professionals in a non-adversarial manner.  The Group offers a comprehensive range of services from initial project concept, through feasibility, design, construction, engineering services, life-cycle maintenance, soft services and facilities management.

Further information from Belinder Kaur Lidher on 0121 303 6969

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  1. Marcus says:

    Well done Birmingham! Money well spent! When you look at how much money this will release back through disposable income in to the city its a great move!

    Can we all have one?!

  2. Lakhjit Lotay says:

    Money well spent here, will renewable technology be the way forward?