Shady Olympic Goods Seized

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Birmingham City Council’s work to combat counterfieting in the run-up to London 2012 is off to a flying start after trading standards officers swooped to seize a supply of fake ‘Olympic ring’ sunglasses from a wholesaler in Hockley.

More than 60 novelty shades, likely to be sold on to the public £5-£10, which were not endorsed or produced by any official suppliers to LOCOG, The Olympics or London 2012, will now be destroyed.

The wholesaler, who appears to have bought the product innocently, was given an official warning while details of the company who supplied the products have been passed for further investigation to  trading standards in that local authority area.

The Olympic symbol etc (Protection) Act 1995 prevents this parties from using the Olympic symbol, in the course of trade, without the consent of London Organising Committee (LOCOG). LOCOG have confirmed that this is not official London 2012 merchandise and as such, consent to use the Olympic symbol has not been granted in this instance. These goods amount to criminal offences contrary to the Trade Marks Act 1994 and the The Olympic symbol etc (Protection) Act 1995.

Cllr Neil Eustace, Chair of the Public Protection Committee, said:  “While fake or counterfeit goods may seem to offer an attractive and cheap option to the customers, especially in the current economic environment, the truth is that these products are usually of inferior or often dangerous quality, with the money generated from their sale often going back to support wider criminal activity.”

How to spot an Olympic fake:

  • Officially licensed Olympic goods will always feature a special holographic version of the 2012 logo
  • Goods will usually only be available from official online channels or more commonly known High Street names
  • Heavily discounted or overly cheap goods (compared to the normal price for similar products) are most likely fakes

Members of the public who come across goods on sale within Birmingham they suspect may be fake, or businesses/wholesalers who are offered goods they suspect may not be legitmate, are urged to contact Trading Standards on 303 1112.


For more information please contact Simon Houltby 0121 303 3503

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