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Cllr Paul Tilsley

Cllr Paul Tilsley

In the world of politics it is all too easy to say that something ‘excites’ you, be it an event, a launch of an initiative, or even the opening of a door!

However, in the case of next weeks regional launch for Lord Carter’s Digital Britain launch, I think that excitement is a justifiable emotion to have.

The fact that this significant national report ‘which outlines how Britain must embrace modern technologies to prosper’ is having its regional launch here in Birmingham is a tribute to our great work and respected standing in this field.

In the 19th century, Birmingham was the workshop of the world, the centre of the industrial revolution. That ambition and entrepreneurial spirit has always been the lifeblood of our great city.

Fast forward to 2009, and we are in a similar position to that of 150 or so years ago.

Digital technologies are being embraced within society, but we are on the cusp of something incredibly spectacular, that will help people from all walks of life enjoy the benefits which go with being a competitive city in a global marketplace.

Through the Digital Birmingham partnership, which I proudly chair, we are constantly looking at ways to bridge the digital divide, ways to ensure that everyone can enjoy the journey we are on.

Amongst the wide range of schemes which we have had success with are an IT in the Home project for children in deprived areas of the city through to a ‘intelligent cities’ project that could combine a range of data including traffic congestion, car parking availability and bus scheduling to provide real time tracking information that’s specific to where the individual is at the point of enquiry – potentially leading to quicker and ‘greener’ journeys within the city.

I must also use this opportunity to applaud the Corporate Media Team at Birmingham City Council for their efforts to create an online newsroom as a way of strengthening communications links between the council and all elements of the media, both in the traditional and emerging sectors.

The power of the blogging community and citizen journalists is ever-increasing and this project is a significant step forward in our efforts to engage with more people than ever before.

It also has a lot to offer traditional journalists plying their trade in the print and broadcast media. News releases will be available on demand, along with a whole host of other resources including pictures, video footage, audio clips, factsheets and information packs on key issues.

In summary, I look forward to reading the final report that is published by Lord Carter, and am confident that Birmingham is in a strong position to reap the benefits that are on offer.



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