Policy on use of bailiffs

Details of how Birmingham City Council uses bailiffs to collect debts have been published by Cllr Randal Brew, Cabinet Member for Finance, following questions raised at recent City Council meetings.

Below are links to two documents – a letter sent by Cllr Brew to all councillors, and a table outlining the timeline of action when it comes to using bailiffs.

Cllr Brew’s letter to elected members

Timeline of action when bailiffs are used by the city council

February 15, 2012 – UPDATE

Below are links to the various documents being submitted to the Finance Overview and Scrutiny Committee on February 17:

Bailiffs and Council Tax Collection Report to Finance O&S - Covering report for all other appendices and documents

Bailiff Report - Birmingham City Council summary report for scrutiny committee's consideration.

In 2011/12, just 0.3 per cent of all cases dealt with by bailiffs for the council resulted in complaints.

Service Birmingham Report - SB response to scrutiny investigation. SB is responsible for the city's revenues collection after the extension of its strategic partnership with the council in 2010

Appendix 1 - details of the numerous steps that are taken BEFORE bailiffs take any action

Appendix 2 - Bailiffs policy (more detail on the process)

Appendix 3 - Code of conduct for bailiffs

Appendix 4 - Ministry of Justice 'National Standards' document

Appendix 5a - Comparative statics for other West Midlands and Core City authorities

Appendix 5b - Sample case progression from first payment instalment through to the point at which bailiffs are engaged (Birmingham takes longer to use bailiffs than other local authorities)

Appendix 5c - National benchmarking comparison data

Appendix 6 - Local Government Ombudsman report on use of bailiffs

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