Wheelie bin pilot delivery dates

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Dates for wheelie bin deliveries in Brandwood and Harborne

***Updated May 2***

Wheelie bin deliveries are due to begin in Brandwood in the week commencing May 27, with collections starting the following week.

Deliveries are due to begin in Harborne in the week commencing June 17, with collections starting the following week.

It is important to note the bins will not be delivered to all homes in just one day as this is logistically impossible.

We will continue to keep you updated on the plans for the pilot as more details are made available.

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  1. Mrs Tierney says:

    Dear Sir
    I have just attended the ‘wheelie bin road show’ at Sainsbury’s Maypole. I was very disappointed with the answers I received to my valid questions, regarding the enforced distribution of these bins to those residents living in the Brandwood area.
    In my opinion these bins pose a security issue to many homes, especially those who have to leave them to the front of their properties. I was told that apparently in Liverpool “They have not encountered an increase in crime, such as break -in due to using these bins,” Do they not have homes with low garages then?
    I live on a very steep hill, in winter with snow or ice, we quite often do not have a collection of our waste, what will happen now? “Well they can not collect due to health and safety.” I was told. I understand that, but what about my health and safety, having to struggle to put the bin out, as we do not know if it will be collected or not, and we can not miss a collection as we are not allowed to overfill these bins. “But it doesn’t happen very often, and maybe they will take extra when they do collect” was the reply. It has happened the last three years in a row, and ‘maybe’ is not good enough, will they or won’t they take extra bags if they miss a collection?
    The Birmingham City Council employee then proceeded to tell me “The council has to save money and we are very poor at recycling. I asked “How is this going to save money?” It will take at least twice the time to load these bins onto the dustcart and return them to the property. The employee replies “Yes, we will have to employ more people, that’s good isn’t it?” So you are spending more money on wages, you are NOT saving money. I then asked if the pilot scheme in Brandwood didn’t work will they take them back? Well we all know the answer to that, fete accompli. This is our council, elected by us, paid for by us, but do they listen to us?
    Mrs P Tierney
    Brandwood resident.