Rebuttal on cost of funerals and burials

By on 13/08/2015 in News, Rebuttals

A number of media articles and items have appeared over the last few days based the alleged cost of funerals and burials in 15 UK towns and cities.

Many of the articles mistakenly conclude Birmingham is “the most expensive” in the UK, based on what is calculated as an average cost – with no clear methodology produced by the financial services organisation behind the so-called research to back up the claim (which also disregards the supposed “average” for any other area not in the 15).

Commenting on the misleading claims, a Birmingham City Council spokesperson said:

“It is very disappointing to see a press release from a consumer organisation run by several media outlets, many of which did not verify the validity of the claims.

“This is a particularly poor example of consumer research producing incredibly misleading figures

“By focusing on just 15 of the UK’s largest cities, this research fails to paint a true picture and is therefore meaningless.

“Birmingham does not have the highest burial fees in the UK – we know for a fact that one of our neighbouring authorities has higher fees.

“Additionally, it is not clear which six London boroughs are included in the research but we know that burial fees in the City of London are more than double those in Birmingham.

“Our fees and charges are reviewed on an annual basis, ensuring that all relevant costs are met and budget targets achieved in what remains a challenging financial climate. They are also benchmarked with neighbouring authorities and private sector operators.”


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  1. Andy Mabbett says:

    Where is the data? You claim others’ fees are higher, so show us the figures.

  2. Jonathan Horsfall says:

    Birmingham’s total burial fee is £2,815, whereas Walsall’s is £2,869. Additionally, total burial fees in many London boroughs are more expensive than Birmingham – for example, it is £5,378 in the City of London, £4,368 in Lambeth and £4,320 in Croydon. Therefore Birmingham’s burial fees are not the most expensive in the UK. Hope this helps.