Refuse collections update: Jan 12

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Almost 1.4 million black bags have been collected from the streets of Birmingham over the last week as efforts continue to return refuse collection services to normal as quickly as possible.

In total around 1,364,400 bags have been collected since January 5, weighing in at 6,822 tonnes.

This waste was collected by a combination of regular crews 'working to rule' on weekdays and additional 'casual crews' who are currently being deployed seven-days-a-week to help clear the backlog.

Yesterday (Jan 11) 1,278 tonnes of black bags were collected - representing around 255,600 black bags cleared from the city's streets.

Tonnage Collected (black bags only)

  • Jan 5: 1,002
  • Jan 6: 1,006
  • Jan 7: 968
  • Jan 8/9: 1,410
  • Jan 10: 1,158
  • Jan 11: 1278
  • Total: 6,822

Significant amounts of extra waste have also been deposited at the city's five Household Recycling Centres (HRCs), where visitor numbers have more than doubled over the past week thanks to extended opening hours from 8am to 9pm everyday.

For the fortnight beginning 20th December 2010, 1309 tonnes of waste was deposited at the city's HRCs - this compares to 1,054 tonnes in 2009-10 - an increase of 24%.

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  1. elmerthud says:

    I would like to know how the order of pick up is being decided. Is it councillor addresses first? There are around 80 black bin bags plus assorted detritus outside my house and the pile is being added to daily. Rubbish attracts rubbish so it is no longer just bin bags but other waste and junk as well. We have had no rubbish taken away since the 9th December – well over the month the council has promised, and when I phoned last week I was told that all rubbish should be removed by the end of the week. Why are council employees being told to lie to the public?

    • SimonH says:


      Catch up crews are being directed through a combination of reports from members of the public and intelligence being fed back by ‘spotters’ who have been deployed within every ward of the city to gether information.

      As you may be aware the industrial action has now been suspended, which means in addition to the continuing catch ups through this week and weekend, from Thursday 13th January all scheduled collections should return to taking place on their allotted days.

      Many thanks