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Birmingham schools Key stage Two 2012 figures show an improvement in the proportion of pupils achieving Level 4 or above (the expected standard for 11-year-olds) in all subjects.

Birmingham’s Level 4 figures for reading, writing and mathematics:
4% increase to 85% in reading
4% increase to 78% in writing
3% increase to 82% in mathematics

In all cases this improvement takes Birmingham above last year’s national averages.  This is as a result of changes in the Key Stage Two assessment framework, whereby the writing test was discontinued and replaced by teacher assessments. This came into effect this year - 2012.

The proportion of pupils achieving level 5 or above (the expected standard for 14-year-olds) has also improved.

Birmingham’s Level 5 figures for reading, writing and mathematics:
8% increase to 44% in reading
1% increase to 19% in writing
5% increase to 37% in mathematics

For the first time, more than one third of Birmingham pupils achieved a level 5 in mathematics.

When looking at reading, writing and mathematics combined, Birmingham has improved by 7% to 71% for Level 4 or above and 1% to 13% for Level 5.

These improvements have lifted Birmingham above the last year’s national average for Level 4 or above and brought Birmingham in line with last year’s national average Level 5 figure.

In previous year's schools have been judged against their performance in English and Mathematics combined, but due to changes in the assessment framework this information is not yet available for this year.

Please note, that for Level 4 and 5 only 25% of writing assessment results are currently available.

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