Review of employee allowances

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Cllr Alan Rudge, Cabinet Member for Equalities and Human Resources, has today issued a statement in relation to a review of employee allowances:


Cllr Alan Rudge, Cabinet Member for Equalities and Human Resources, said:

“Birmingham City Council has a responsibility to review its spending to ensure that we are continuing to provide value for money.

“In order to provide a consistent reward structure to our employees, we have opened consultation with the trades unions about the Council's payment of employee allowances, which cover a range of working practices including weekend working, split shifts and irregular hours.

“As part of a continuing review of the Council's pay and grading structure, the Council is seeking to ensure that we are competitive and provide value for money services, we now need to look at our range of allowances.

“Many jobs involve providing services on a round-the-clock basis, but we still largely operate to a 9-5, Monday to Friday business model. The Council needs to change its pay arrangements to reflect the modern world so that it can provide our citizens with the best possible quality service at the right cost.

“As part of the legal consultation process a section 188 notice was issued today.

“This marks the beginning of the formal consultation process, as required by law. No final decisions have yet been taken and in the meantime, the Council is keen to seek to reach an agreement with the trades unions on the way forward.”

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  1. Dave says:

    With all these austerity measures coming in, do you not think you should target council workers on grade 5 and above, these are the people who can afford a pay cut. Many people on the lower grades rely on the overtime to make ends meet.

    As regards the overtime payment, will this apply to agency staff, as many earn just a few pence over the minimum wage, my self included, it will be a shame to leave after 3 and half years, as I would have to look for another job.

    • HR response says:

      Thanks for your comments Dave, they will be fed into the consultation process. As Cllr Rudge states above, no final decisions have yet been made.

      As for agency staff, their contract is with the employment agency. Agencies charge the council an agreed rate and then decide how much to pay staff.