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A “Town Hall Rich List” is due to be published tomorrow, in which it is stated that 24 employees earned more than £100,000 working for Birmingham City Council in the 2011/12 financial year.

We would like to clarify the position here in Birmingham, as follows:

A spokesman for Birmingham City Council, said: “The figure includes eight schools staff in an organisation which employs over 40,000.  Pay packages can include redundancy payments, therefore figures being reported do not always relate to basic pay.

“One-off redundancy payments continue to be anticipated in the coming years, as the council reduces its staffing levels as part of the effort to make savings required as part of reduced funding due to government cuts.”

Information on senior officer pay can be found on page 93 of 156 of the Birmingham City Council Accounts 2011/12

UPDATE – 5pm on May 10:

A Birmingham City Council spokesperson added: “In 2010/11, the Council's financial statements show that 12 members of staff were recorded as receiving remuneration of £100k or over per annum.  Only 1 of the 12 members of staff highlighted received any recompense for termination of employment during the year.

“In the 2011/12 financial statements, 24 members of staff were recorded as receiving remuneration of £100k or over per annum.  Of the total of 24, 14 members of staff received recompense for termination of employment which resulted in them going over the £100k limit.

“This means that the number of staff receiving a remuneration package of over £100k, excluding termination payments from the Council has fallen from 11 in 2010/11 to 10 in 2011/12. “

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  1. Richard Morris says:

    How many of the 24 received a redundancy payment?