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In the coming weeks, Birminghamnewsroom will be hosting a series of podcasts on the Smart City agenda, as part of the effort to inform citizens about the work the council is doing in this field.

Raj Mack - Head of Digital Birmingham

The podcasts, produced by members of the Digital Birmingham team within Birmingham City Council, will cover a number of topics including:

– Birmingham City Centre’s free wifi, delivered with Virgin Media Business

– The “Digital Logbook” initiative for council tenants

– Open data

The first of the podcasts is an introduction and overview to what is meant by the term “Smart City”. It is presented by Raj Mack, the Head of Digital Birmingham.

Birmingham’s Smart City vision by BirminghamNewsRoom

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  1. Ron Bowden says:

    Sounds interesting, any way of having input of what the Council are planning is very welcome as many of us Ratepayers are feeling very disillusioned at the moment.

    Take the Green Waste for instance, what a farce that turned out to be,
    by the time I could apply it was over subscribed and was told it was too late and could not get it fully reduced by paying in advance (even though it was extended due to computer crashes).

    Goodness knows how many elderly folk with no computer knowledge will suffer by the council assuming we are all a ‘Wiz’ at computer technology.

    Ron Bowden
    Sutton Coldfield
    P.s. Don’ start me off on Andrew Mitchell
    After I was Completely ignored by him at Mere Green library on the day of our laughable
    “Meet the Public” for input on our shopping ‘Rebuild Plans’.