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The Birmingham Safeguarding Children Board (BSCB) has today published a Serious Case Review (SCR) into the death of two-year-old Kristiana Logina.

In February last year Kristiana sustained 10 per cent burns to her body from a scalding shower. Kristiana's mother and partner were convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to a term of imprisonment, because they did not seek appropriate medical treatment. 

Jane Held, independent chair of the multi-agency board, said: “It is always with great sadness that we publish a review into a child's death and our sympathies are with her extended family. 

“Had her family accessed medical treatment for her earlier then the review makes it clear her death would have been preventable. However, there are always lessons to learn from these tragedies especially for those agencies that were in contact with the family and the review has highlighted some helpful recommendations. The review does highlight the need for better inter-agency communication and recommends the provision of easily available guidance for parents on the treatment of burns.”

Birmingham Safeguarding Children Board is mounting a publicity campaign on 'safer bathing' for children, with advice on temperature checks and what to do if a child suffers burns.

Jane Held added: “The SCR identified a number of important areas where partner agencies can work more effectively together to safeguard children. The key recommendations have already been acted upon, including better direction to available support and services for parents who have no recourse to public funds.”

The serious case review has been reviewed by Ofsted and the executive summary, recommendations and action plan have today been published on the BSCB website at

Notes to Editors
• The reviewing of all child deaths by local safeguarding boards became mandatory in April 2008; the key purpose of these reviews is to learn why children die and reduce the number of preventable deaths. There is a statutory requirement for a Child Death Overview Panel to review all deaths of children and young people up to the age of 18, with an evaluation of each unexpected death.
• During the last year (April 2010 - end of March 2011) there were 159 child deaths in Birmingham. A Serious Case Review will only be commissioned where abuse or neglect is suspected when a child dies or is seriously injured and on average this happens six times a year.
•  Serious Case Reviews are not inquiries into how a child died or about apportioning blame. They focus on identifying how professionals and organisations can work more effectively together to protect children from harm.
• National guidance requires local safeguarding children boards to publish the executive summary of SCRs, key recommendations and an action plan for those cases commissioned before the 10th June 2010.  The published documents must protect the anonymity of the bereaved family and those professionals involved in the case.
• Recommendations that emerge from SCRs impact on a wide range of organisations that deliver services to children
• The Government publishes a bi-annual review of all SCRs completed nationally. The information helps to identify national trends and themes which shape safeguarding policy development and enables lessons learnt from such tragic cases to be disseminated more widely.
• The BSCB has a statutory duty to hold agencies to account for the effectiveness of child protection arrangements across the city.

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