Swine flu DVD launched

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Schoolchildren across the city have started the new term armed with an educational DVD which offers advice, help and the latest health information on how to combat a possible onset of swine flu.

Click on the link below for clips from the DVD.

With cases of swine flu predicted to rise this autumn, the DVD is the perfect way to prepare school children and teachers for a possible rise in cases. The DVD was launched today at Welford Primary in Handsworth, one of the schools at the centre of the original outbreak in Birmingham.

Produced as a partnership project between Birmingham City Council and the City's three Primary Care Trusts, the DVD raises awareness in a fun and informative way with children's presenter Andi Peters demonstrating hygiene tips, information on symptoms and advice on how to stop the spread.

He is accompanied by a 'Hygenie' character which shows primary school children how to practise good hygiene, and the symptoms of swine flu, plus secondary school aged children are also advised on hygiene tips, what to do should they fall ill, and where to go to for the latest help and advice.

Jim McManus, Birmingham City Council’s Joint Director of Public Health, said: “It is important that all of Birmingham’s citizens – whether they are young or old – know to best tackle the risks that swine flu pose. This DVD is an interactive and light-hearted way of covering a serious issue in a way that will ensure that children are reminded of what they can do to make a positive difference.

Given Birmingham’s experience during the first wave of swine flu, which saw schools hardest hit out of all public services, it is vital that we do everything to ensure they are as resilient as possible should the virus come back as predicted this autumn.”


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Birmingham City Council
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