Tackling bullying comes under spotlight at conference

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Birmingham City Council is among the partners teaming up to host an Anti-Bullying Conference in the city.

The conference takes place at mac Birmingham, in Cannon Hill Park, on Friday, 21 November, and is being hosted by the city council’s Bullying Reduction Action Group (BRAG) in conjunction with the Anti-Bullying Alliance and Sampad South Asian Arts.

It will be the first time the city council has worked in partnership with an arts and cultural organisation to host an anti-bullying event.

The morning session will involve young people working with artists in anti-bullying workshops hosted by Sampad, while speakers will include Cllr Brigid Jones, the city council’s cabinet member for Children and Family Services. This session is aimed at arts and culture practitioners looking to work in schools in Birmingham.

In the afternoon, the programme is aimed at the education sector in Birmingham, focusing on recommended actions to prevent the bullying of children and young people in the city’s schools, including those with special needs and disabilities.

Speakers during this session include Mark Rogers, Chief Executive of Birmingham City Council; Peter Hay, the council’s Strategic Director of People; Martha Evans, Senior Programme Lead for Special Educational Needs and Inclusion at the Anti-Bullying Alliance; Professor Mick Waters from the University of Wolverhampton, and Piali Ray OBE, Director of Sampad.

The conference is the culmination of joint work that the city council is undertaking with the Anti-Bullying Alliance, which in 2011 published a major study into bullying of children with special educational needs and disabilities. Following a successful seminar for professionals organised by the council and the author of the report, Birmingham was selected by the Anti-Bullying Alliance to pilot the training developed from the study.

Friday’s conference is being held as part of Anti-Bullying Week.


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