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Cross-party statement ahead of tomorrow’s English Defence League demonstration

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Cross-party statement telling the EDL they are not welcome in Birmingham and urging people to go about their normal business.

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Birmingham: a city that works for all of us

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Birmingham City Council’s three political leaders (Cllr John Clancy, Cllr Robert Alden and Cllr Jon Hunt) have signed-up to a shared vision for the city.

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Response to BIIP letter of 21 March 2016 – update

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Joint statement the three group leaders Cllrs John Clancy (Leader of the Council, Lab), Robert Alden (Con) and Jon Hunt (Lib Dem) and Mark Rogers, Chief Executive of Birmingham City Council.

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Statement from leaders to improvement panel – March 2016

Appearing before the Birmingham Independent Improvement Panel’s (BIIP) fourth public meeting, the leaders of the three political groups reiterated their continued cross-party commitment to delivering on the agenda to improve how the council is run.

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Council leaders give joint commitment to improvement journey

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A year after publication of the Kerslake Report, Birmingham City Council’s new leader and the opposition group leaders have emphasised their cross-party commitment to delivering Lord Kerslake’s recommendations.

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Statement: Pegida UK launch plans

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Joint statement on claims that Tommy Robinson (former EDL leader) is planning to launch his new organisation with a rally in Birmingham next year

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Independent Improvement Panel holds second public meeting

The Birmingham Independent Improvement Panel, which is monitoring the progress being made by Birmingham City Council in implementing its improvement programme, will be holding its second public meeting on Friday 11th September. The Panel has asked the City Council to publish the next stage of its improvement plans for 2016/17 as well as a further […]

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